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    /profiles/29712-friend wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Grzegorz on 2018-10-31
    Bardzo inspirujące spotkanie! Grzegorz ma ogromną wiedzę, którą chętnie się dzieli i do tego świetnie motywuje. Ma mega świeże spojrzenie na sprzedaż i nie jedna osoba mogłaby się wiele od niego nauczyć! Mentor na 5! :)
  • Thumb profile lifetramp
    Grzegorz przyjął/przyjęła /profiles/29712-friend on 2018-10-31
    Matt jest super mądrym i fajnym facetem. Ma dużo do powiedzenia i ciekawe spojrzenie na biznes. Nawet mentor nauczy się od niego fajnych rzeczy! :) Polecam!
  • Thumb paula w jcik
    Paulina wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Jakub on 2018-08-17
    Podczas spotkania z Jakubem dowiedziałam się jak wygląda dzień w pracy Agile Coacha oraz od jakich kursów warto zacząć, jeśli poważnie myśli się o tym zawodzie. Jakub doradził mi także jakie kroki mogłabym podjąć, aby zmienić moją ścieżkę kariery. Spotkanie było konkretne i inspirujące, bez wątpienia dużo się dowiedziałam. Polecam rozmowy z Jakubem.
  • Thumb img 6298
    Sobiesław przyjął/przyjęła Grzegorz on 2017-11-07
    Umówiliśmy się w zaciszu galerii krakowskiej. To był dobry czas. Mówiliśmy o technicznych aspektach pracy z giełdą i funduszami. Wierzę, że te tematy pomogły Grzegorzowi.
  • Thumb zdj
    Grzegorz wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Sobiesław on 2017-11-07
    Ciekawa osoba, ciekawe spotkanie, ogromna wiedza, ciekawe spojrzenie, chcę więcej :)
  • Thumb 13000189 1695668214047324 7428334530662528831 n
    Martyna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Ivi on 2017-03-17
    Niesamowita osoba ! Jak mało kto zmotywowała mnie do działania. Pomocna i otwarta. Już na pierwszym spotkaniu złapałyśmy wspólny kontakt.
  • Thumb  av 2018 07
    Mariusz przyjął/przyjęła Agnieszka on 2017-05-05
    Agnieszka is incredibly passionate and fun to hang out with. It's been really fun spending a day and sharing some ideas about how we run things here at Lifetramp and get my ideas challenged. Would recommend to everyone. :)
  • Thumb img 0377
    Basia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marta on 2017-04-11
    It was a great experience to meet with Marta! She told me stories from her work and how she got to that point in her career, also she had a lot of patience to answer all my questions! :) Meeting with her was a very inspiring experience! She even send me a bunch of links that might be useful for me in the future! Thanks again Marta!
  • Thumb 11951227 10153246870692479 2359790293229387055 n
    Marta przyjął/przyjęła Marta on 2017-03-30
    We met in the space where I often run trainings so I had a chance to show Marta how I work, which methods and tools I use. Athough Marta could not see me "in action" I hope she could take something for ther from this meeting. It was also inspiring for me to listen about all the initiatives that Marta has been undertaking. Thank you!
  • Thumb 11951227 10153246870692479 2359790293229387055 n
    Marta przyjął/przyjęła Basia on 2017-04-11
    It was a big pleasure to meet with Basia, who is a very open person with full of energy and ideas for her development!
  • Thumb 10320485 10152451519556018 247465174948104946 n
    Icnelly przyjął/przyjęła Luiz on 2016-01-29
    I love Luis, a great character that explain to me more than I can tell him, so glad we meet <3
  • Thumb 10320485 10152451519556018 247465174948104946 n
    Icnelly przyjął/przyjęła Marcin on 2015-06-01
    Not only was a great company, Marcin became a friend right away. Love him so much.
  • Thumb sew small
    Seweryn przyjął/przyjęła Aleksandra on 2017-03-27
    Seems that Aleksandra is still on her career crossroads but for sure she has some solid options to choose from. Regardless where she ends up, in Poland or abroad, with event industry or somewhere else - she will definitely rock! Besides, she has her whole life ahead. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  • Thumb 156002 710490542337632 7610040922295752548 n
    Agnieszka przyjął/przyjęła Monika on 2016-12-28
    I am absolutelly impressed with Monika. I hardly ever meet somebody so engaged and proactive. I recommend Monika to all people who just want to know how it is to take action in one's hands and just go ahead. Very creative and passionate woman and above all charming!
  • Thumb mark
    Mark przyjął/przyjęła Joanna on 2015-12-10
    Joana visited me in budapest and she and her colleague told a lot about this project.
  • Thumb ivi
    Ivi przyjął/przyjęła Martyna on 2017-01-14
    Martyna, despite the young age, is conscious and responsible for actions, she is undertaking. Has impressive motivation and passion, connected with honest attitude and distance for herself. She knows her weakness and want to improve it. So I wish all the best, especially with Blender :)) Waiting for next meetings !
  • Thumb ivi
    Ivi przyjął/przyjęła Ana on 2016-01-25
    Ana is a very nice person, she focuses on her ideas and ways of its implementation. Has precise questions and is open to advices. Meetings were efficient and in a cool mood.
  • Thumb 11822727 10204678166937224 7558582716073546359 n
    Monika wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Agnieszka on 2016-12-28
    It was amazing! Agnieszka is lovely person with great character, she can inspire and focus on your goals. We had an interesting conversation, I got to know about her work, plans and dreams. Truly posivitive, open-minded with endless energy!
  • Thumb a desponds
    Anna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z on 2016-12-23
    I met Jarosław in his home studio in Warsaw. He was extremely generous with his time and know-how, eager to share. Fellow future Lifetrampers - I am sure he will help you with any questions you might have about sound and music! And he can show how to save sound as images and images as sound, pure magic:) A wonderful opportunity to meet another human being. Thank you for having me over, Jarek!
  • Thumb 10269582 10152536551677573 5260040325313626701 n
    Jacqueline przyjął/przyjęła Patricia on 2016-12-08
    Meeting Patricia was the highlight of my day. She's very energetic, interested and we had so much in common! We shared experiences - both in business and in writing - and we'll probably meet again for a coffee soon! I left our meeting thinking that experiences like the one we had is what can shape a better future.
  • Thumb 54 xnhwp 400x400
    Kadu przyjął/przyjęła Michelle on 2016-11-17
    Conversar com a Michelle foi muito interessante. Trocamos diversas experiências e um aprendeu com o outro. Fazer parte desse momento de aprendizado e crescimento dela foi marcante. Por ser uma pessoa com sede de conhecimento, tem tudo para ser uma excelente profissional de Mídias Sociais.
  • Thumb mi
    Michelle wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Kadu on 2016-11-17
    Conversamos por skype, foi um ótimo bate papo. Ele falou da experiência dele, o que achei muito bacana, pois ele domina várias áreas do trabalho do Marketing Digital. Sem contar as informações que ele me passou que estão me ajudando a buscar soluções para as minhas experiências. Ele é um ótimo mentor, me ajudou muito!
  • Thumb bez tytu u
    Natalia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Agnieszka on 2016-09-27
    I've prepared on a quick, one hour meeting but suddenly became dark and we had to finish our talk. Agnieszka is a very strong, confident, female and beautiful women that knows exactly what she wants. She is a person I could be with in a serious crisis knowing, that we're going to manage everything, not panic and have fun instead. I love to work with people like she and having 'em around. But what I loved the most is that she's also a good, sensitive person :)
  • Thumb 156002 710490542337632 7610040922295752548 n
    Agnieszka przyjął/przyjęła Natalia on 2016-09-27
    Evening with Natalia was like a battle with a very good warrior on my side. Natalia is very specific person... Speaking with her is like you dive into the well of good questions and straight to the point remarks. She is also a very attentive listener which gives you satisfaction and make the conversation filled with valuable content. Natalia keeps smiling all the time, one should definitely meet her if had any chance. I strongly recommend.
  • Thumb 20160521 092540
    Krystyna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Anna on 2016-04-11
    Unfortunatelly, booking made in April, accepted in July, after fixing a date that didn't make it....my messages are without any response from Anna's side. Would be nice just to sign - Sorry, I can't. Very disappointing and sad.
  • Thumb img 6419 a
    Karolina przyjął/przyjęła Pati on 2016-04-16
    My meeting with Pati passed in wonderful atmosphere. Pati is really friendly and positive person with wide experience and lot of interest, so we could talk for hours! I highly recommend everyone such company as Pati :)
  • Thumb img 6419 a
    Karolina przyjął/przyjęła Maria on 2016-08-13
    Maria is really positive and talkative person! Thanks to that our meeting was so inspiring and passed in a great atmosphere. What is important - we are still in touch! I wish everyone that kind of experience with such wonderful company :)
  • Thumb avatar
    Maria wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Karolina on 2016-08-13
    Meeting with Karolina was awesome. The atmosphere was really friendly and inspiring. Karolina is very competent and knowledgeable. She listens to people and shares her expertise in field of project management. I would definitely recommend meeting with Karolina!
  • Thumb adam 29 10 2015
    Adam wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Bartosz on 2016-08-06
    Bartosz is passionate about what he does and he knows how to share his passion with others. You will learn about making models, World War II history, different types of materials and 3D printers! We had an amazing conversation and I am impressed by a job where every project is different.
  • Thumb 20160521 092540
    Krystyna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Agnieszka on 2016-06-17
    Meeting Agnieszka was so right and inspiring! Firstly, I was a little bit intimidated, but during this meeting Agnieszka fascinated me with her wisdom and power so I truly felt in right place with right person. This time spent with her was so rich and stimulating and started some changes in me as I'm more motivated to reconstruct my aproach at work! Agnieszka is a person who can really change someone's life, inspire and motivate. I'm very thankful for what happened, Agnieszka, you rule girl!
  • Thumb 156002 710490542337632 7610040922295752548 n
    Agnieszka przyjął/przyjęła Krystyna on 2016-06-17
    Meeting Krysia was extremely stimulating. She is soooooo openminded and positive about things going around. She has her own thoughts about it though which she claims easily. I felt from the very first moment that this meeting is going to be inspiring for me and so it was. Thanks to Krysia i decided to write another article on why failures are important ('Stop doing' pitfall). Thank you Krysia for this inspiration very much - sometimes we just need to meet a right person in a right moment :)
  • Thumb paula w jcik
    Paulina wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aga on 2016-07-06
    Aga dała się poznać jako osoba otwarta i gotowa rozmawiać na każdy temat, zaczynając od tego czym zajmuje się jako community manager w Yelp, poprzez opowieść, o tym jak dostała pracę po przeróżne osobiste przeżycia i przemyślenia. Spotkanie było ciekawe i inspirujące, cieszę się na kolejne :). Jeszcze nie wiem jak i do czego posłuży mi zasłyszana wiedza, ale na pewno ślad po spotkaniu zostanie i będę kombinować jak przełożyć ją na praktykę. A przy spotkania okazji odwiedziłam nowe miejsce, niedaleko - Ogród Powszechny.
  • Thumb zdj
    Patrycja wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Justyna on 2016-05-10
    Justyna jest świetną osobą, która wykonuje super pracę. Zainspirowała mnie do pogłębienia wiedzy na temat PR i podzieliła się ulubionymi inspiracjami kulinarnymi ;) Bardzo jej dziękuję za to spotkanie i polecam wszystkim! ;)
  • Thumb 54 xnhwp 400x400
    Kadu przyjął/przyjęła Paulo on 2016-05-03
    O Paulo demonstrou interesse em conhecer mais sobre o universo do Marketing Digital durante todo o tempo em que passamos conversando. Acredito que a troca tenha sido muito produtiva para ambos. :)
  • Thumb 12400615 1144398258933897 7530965094540523859 n
    Karolina wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Katarzyna Jigsa on 2016-05-20
    I met Kasia before my holiday in Iceland. It was very helpful to listen something new about Iceland. She found an information about concert in Cracow of icelandic musician and we went there to hear his wonderfull music. She showed me how to start knitting. She really knows a lot about Iceland. I am so glad that she has really a lot of to say:) It was great to met her! I hope that I will meet her again:)
  • Thumb  20171104 181344
    Pati wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Kasia on 2016-04-29
    Spotkanie z Kasią było naturalne, inspirujące i radosne :) Kasia robi coś ważnego i warto o tym posłuchać. Mam nadzieję, że spotkamy się jeszcze wielokrotnie! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Meeting with Kate was natural, inspiring and very joyful :) Kate doing something really important and worth the listen about it. I hope we will meet again and again!:)
  • Thumb 13087608 655795751262684 236755566351655551 n
    Abrar wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Tunde on 2016-04-28
    The day with Tunde was amazing . Me personally being in aviation for two years ,she is the strongest personality I ever seen . 16 year experienced aviation professionalism was clearly seen during our open day . She is energetic,honest and passionate about what she doing , it gives more strength and positivity to the people interested to be flight attendant. I wish all the very best To her .. I definitely suggest Tunde to those people who are looking for a right person to know about the aviation . See you on board Tunde !!! Till then Safe Flights!✈️✈️✈️
  • Thumb img 20160418 225838
    Zsuzsanna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Tunde on 2016-04-28
    It was amazing! Everyone should see it. Tünde is so energetic, she showed us everything she could. Great insights to the cabin attendant profession. My level of respect is so high of the cabin crew now. We had a blast!
  • Thumb avatar
    Aurelia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Maciek on 2016-04-22
    Meeting with Maciek was a great experience :) Maciek has given my boyfriend a lot of advices in BJJ. Remind him that Brasilian Ju Jitsu is not only winning the competitions, and how important in everything you do is to find your own style. Maciek also showed us Cracow we didn’t know. I truly recommend a meeting with Maciek to anyone who is interested in BJJ or just want to know what is that, but also to those who would like to know more about Cracow that is in travel guides.
  • Thumb untitled
    Marcin wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Łukasz on 2014-07-01
    Łukasz is an expert in negotiations ! I would recommend to spend the day with him ! Thanks Łukasz
  • Thumb 541257 528007143907685 1259922498 n
    Lech wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Alex on 2016-04-11
    Meeting was awesome! Alex is a very friendly and inspiring person with wide knowledge and a lot of experience. I recommend Alex to all people interested in new technologies and startup industry.
  • Thumb  20171104 181344
    Pati wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Karolina on 2016-04-16
    Meeting with Caroline was fantastic, inspiring and joyful. We spent about 6 hours, we had so much to say! Karolina loves what she does, she likes people and she really wants to share knowledge. I recommend meeting with Karolina very much!:)
  • Thumb 156002 710490542337632 7610040922295752548 n
    Agnieszka przyjął/przyjęła Patrycja on 2016-03-11
    I've met Patrycja once and hope this was not the last time. My very first thought was that Patrycja revealed her gentleness and on the other hand a determination which combined together give a very strong feminine power. She’s a very bright girl and so intent to clarify her doubts. It was a pleasure to meet such a warm, smiling and bright person. I’d be glad to see more girls like Patrycja.
  • Thumb 10419486 10152517350483255 651673168353970161 n
    Krzysztof wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Veni on 2016-02-10
    Veni Ejsmont - profeska pełną gębą, a zarazem bardzo miła i życzliwa osoba. Cieszę się ze spotkania bo zobaczyłem jak pracują prawdziwi zawodowcy :)
  • Thumb veni
    Veni przyjął/przyjęła Krzysztof on 2016-02-10
    Spotkanie było świetne. Krzysztof okazał się przesymatycznym człowiekiem, pełnym zaangażowania :) Dzięki niemy mamy zdjęcia z backstage sesji, bardzo dziękuje :)
  • Thumb 12144861 1056850157672722 7265985064751244035 n
    Wiola wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Sergiusz on 2016-03-31
    Sergiusz took me for the opening of the exhibition called "Women in Chanel" . Glancing at the photographs and famous people around, we were chatting about working in PR, about fashion industry and "Lifetramping" ideas. Sergiusz is inspiring and sociable person! It was my privilege to meet him trough Lifetramp.
  • Thumb 10625027 10152253203771646 5287147479853947747 n
    Anaina wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Estevão on 2016-03-16
    I had no idea what to expect from the meeting with Estevão, but it was life changing. He gave me a lot of advices for life. He's an amazing human being who truly cares about helping people.
  • Thumb avatar
    Patrycja wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Agnieszka on 2016-03-11
    Meeting with Agnieszka was for me a great experience :) Such an inspiring, honest and optimistic couple of hours. Agnieszka has given us some advices and explained how coaching works (not by professional phrases, but by some examples taken from life). I truly recommend a meeting with Agnieszka to anyone who is interested in a personal development, but also to those who desire a great dose of optimism in their daily routine ;)
  • Thumb  av 2018 07
    Mariusz przyjął/przyjęła Jonathan on 2016-01-30
    We met for a quick lunch and coffee with Jonathan to talk about startups, what Lifetramp is and why we're doing it and share some experiences on difference between startup scenes in London and Berlin. This was a time well spent, would recommend meeting Jonathan if you're into technology & startups.
  • Thumb avatar
    Natalia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Justyna on 2014-09-16
    I met Justyna last week but I can still feel the good vibes I got from her. I really enjoyed meeting because of her beauty, intelligence, energy, passion for her job and love for food... I'm sure she would sell any book to everyone. Our session was definitely too short. I recommend meeting with Justyna to all who need a big doze of inspiration.
  • Thumb bleee
    Aleksandra wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Agnieszka on 2016-03-16
    Agnieszka is one of the warmest people I've met in my entire life. Great sense of empathy is the most valuable trait of her character, I think. Her knowledge and wisdom led me to a wonderful experience of "aha moment", what is undoubtedly the best proof that she is a truly inspiring woman. In the first minutes of our meeting Agnieszka told me that she knows nothing about philosophy. In a few moments later I was sure that she lied to me about that. She is a philosopher herself.
  • Thumb 156002 710490542337632 7610040922295752548 n
    Agnieszka przyjął/przyjęła Aleksandra on 2016-03-16
    A great pleasure to drink tasty jasmine & orange greentea with so determined explorator of her own needs. Ola is not affraid of asking questions and each of it is a beggining of new and energizing drift. To have a conversation is not difficult, but to have the conversation with an attentive listener is precious. If you're looking to meet someone who is inspiring simply by her questions - meet Ola.
  • Thumb 12631403 10205799168759439 3740207590904182219 n
    Alicja wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Katarzyna on 2016-03-10
    It was such a great meeting! Kasia told me a lots about her job, and gave me some advices how to become a flight attendant one day. She shared her passion and lots of enthusiasm about what she's doing in her life. Kasia, thanks a lot for that! :)
  • Thumb img 1158
    Katarzyna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Katarzyna Jigsa on 2016-03-14
    I had a great evening with Kasia today. We chatted a lot about... well, life in general ;) Kasia runs Jigsknits and does awesome Icelandic sweaters. I got inspired by her and I want to go to Iceland even more now. Kasia showed me how to knit - I haven't held knitting needle since my childhood to be honest. It was a great experience to try by myself. Kasia also gave a chocolate from Iceland which was the sweetest thing. Thank you! <3
  • Thumb 156002 710490542337632 7610040922295752548 n
    Agnieszka przyjął/przyjęła Bartek on 2016-03-04
    Absolutely valuable time and a great pleasure! Renaissance man... Savant and enthusiast... An extraordinary person who I am totally crazy about. It does not happen too often to meet someone who’s up to date with all the crazy science and philosophy stuff you have recently read or heard. Meet Bartek if you’d like to.
  • Thumb screen shot 2014 02 05 at 20.54.00
    Bartek wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Agnieszka on 2016-03-04
    Marvelous day! There is something purely magical about sitting in a tearoom and having a real deep conversation about literally everything i.e. the evolution of human mankind, futurism, robotics, morality, ethics and so on. Mind blowing!
  • Thumb img 0031 copy
    Łukasz wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Sergiusz on 2016-02-22
    Sergiusz zgodził się na moje dołączenie do ekipy Telekamer i muszę przyznać, że nie spodziewałem się aż tak miłej atmosfery! Pomimo sporej ilości pracy, Sergiusz znalazł czas na rozmowę i sam zadał mi sporo pytań odnośnie tego, czym się zajmuję. Bardzo polecam – można się dużo nauczyć w krótkim czasie i podejrzeć pracę innych, czując się jednocześnie jak część teamu. Mam nadzieję, że jeszcze będzie okazja, by się spotkać :) PS mała pamiątka z Telekamer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdgZNfiU02Q
  • Thumb img 1158
    Katarzyna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marcin on 2016-02-27
    I had a great Saturday's noon coffee with Marcin last weekend. It was also my first ever lifetramp-meeting so I was very excited. The thing is that I just have bought my first analog camera and I'm an total amateur. That's why I asked Marcin for a meeting. He told me a lot about photography in general and specifically about my new Minolta, we also chatted about travelling. To be honest I had no idea that analog-photography is that tricky nowadays ;) It was a really great and interesting meeting! Thank you for your time, Marcin!
  • Thumb 10982456 893116810738508 6794427800225467973 n
    Jadwiga wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Anna on 2016-02-26
    Spotkanie z Anną i resztą teamu Sephora, podczas Gali Telekamery Teletygodnia okazała świetnym przeżyciem! :) Możliwość uczestniczenia w przygotowaniach na backstage'u była dla mnie nowym doświadczeniem, które może się przydać w moim zawodzie makijażysty. Anna to profesjonalista, ma ogromną wiedzę i robi przepiękne makijaże. Jest bardzo miłą i przyjazną osobą. Spędzony z nią dzień był bardzo udany i będę go długo wspominać! :) Mam nadzieję, że jeszcze się spotkamy :)
  • Thumb 1947843 669795489746067 97530989 n
    Kuba wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Bartek on 2015-07-25
    Bartek is passionate about new technologies and his vivid intelligence makes him an inspiring source of knowledge and observer of the IT & Startup world. Reliable and helpful person!
  • Thumb justyna
    Justyna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Maria on 2016-02-17
    I've met Maria on yesterday's lunch. It was such a lovely few hours. Maria is very inspirating person, who can share her experiance and show you have simple some things can be. If you like good & healthy food, minimalism, open-minded people who loves to write and share her passion, try to meet with Maria. Thank you once again :)
  • Thumb profile big square
    Bartek przyjął/przyjęła Kuba on 2015-07-25
    Kuba is very open-minded and truly devoted to serve community. Great chat!
  • Thumb avatar
    Rafal wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z on 2016-02-13
    The visit was great. Jarek told me a lot about sound and gave me a few recommendations of the equipment I should buy. Thanks Jarek! We stay in touch.
  • Thumb screen shot 2014 02 05 at 20.54.00
    Bartek przyjął/przyjęła Zuzanna on 2015-08-12
    What can I tell about Zuza? We are still in touch and I think it's the best recommendation.
  • Thumb 11951227 10153246870692479 2359790293229387055 n
    Marta wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Adam on 2015-09-20
    We met on skype during the training I was running for the ex-European Volunteers. We invited Agam to share the story of Lifetramp and his way of initianting new projects & putting them in practice. Participants loved the message Adam shared with us and all became more motivated and inspired to believe in their dreams and plans!
  • Thumb 11021255 10153187482855439 1353892735969818628 n
    Wiktoria przyjął/przyjęła Martyna on 2015-11-23
    Martyna is a very possitive, inspiring and open person. She's decided to take 6 months vacation to travel which is so exciting and amazing. It was great to lifetramp with her and learn a bit about marketing. I definitely recommend to spend a day with her :)
  • Thumb mk profil foto 12 03 2015
    Michał wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Witold on 2015-10-23
    Polecam spotkanie z Wiktorem, zwłaszcza w jego kamperze! To naprawdę ciekawa osoba, która wręcz cię zasypuje ideami i pomysłami - i to tak prostymi i oczywistymi, że zaczynasz zastanawiać się, dlaczego ja na to wcześniej nie wpadłem. Bardzo miłe spotkanie - inspirujące i otwierające oczy ;) Dzięki! --------- I recommend meeting with Viktor, especially in his camper! He is really interesting person who gives you a lot of new ideas - and so simple and obvious ideas that you are starting to wonder: why I didn't hit on this earlier? Very nice meeting - inspiring and eye-opening ;) Thanks!
  • Thumb makevoid3
    Francesco przyjął/przyjęła Marta on 2015-12-01
    No visit but good chat about 3D printers, hopefully it was useful :)
  • Thumb 28142 602589419770953 1212287387 n
    Ewelina wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Seweryn on 2015-11-09
    Great pieces of useful advice, friendly atmosphere, insight into event industry of an experienced manager - all this you can expect on a meeting with Seweryn. In a very accessible way talked about the difficulties event managers have to cope with nowadays, advised on the issue of recruitment, he also found time to look at and advise on my portfolio. The meeting was a great pleasure. Thanks and see you!
  • Thumb 11391121 979609662071288 9018848019764746399 n
    Dawid wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Witold on 2015-10-26
    Witold is great, honest, creative and very sympathetic person :) He has many curious ideas. I'm grateful for opening-mind meet and get to know new possibilities. Living in harmony and freedom of the mind and body is the key. Thanks :) --------------------------------------------------------------- Witold jest wspaniałą, szczerą, kreatywną i bardzo sympatyczną osobą :) Ma wiele ciekawych pomysłów. Jestem wdzięczny za otwierające umysł spotkanie i poznanie nowych możliwości. Życie w harmonii i wolności umysłu oraz ciała jest kluczem. Dzięki :)
  • Thumb 16.11.2019 0116 b
    Katarzyna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Seweryn on 2015-09-02
    Cieszę się, że miałam okazję porozmawiać z Sewerynem. Bardzo wyczerpująco i interesująco opowiedział mi o swoim (aktualnie byłym) zawodzie event managera- szczerze, tak jak jest, bez zbędnego upiększania, ukazując aspekty ciężkie jak i możliwość wynoszenia z tej roboty sporej satysfakcji. Myślę, że jeśli ktoś na poważnie myśli o tym zawodzie rozmowa z Sewerynem pozwoli mu rozwiać wszelkie wątpliwości i określić jednoznacznie swój stosunek do tematu. Ja, wiedząc już, że event managerem nie zostanę (;)) otrzymałam za to cenne wskazówki do tego jak dalej szukać swojej ścieżki. Moje odczucia i wnioski są właściwie identyczne z recenzją Basi- było warto i gorąco polecam. Oraz oczywiście pozdrawiam :)
  • Thumb avatar
    Mikołaj wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Joanna on 2015-11-10
    Unforgettable day in amazing organization. There's no better way to get to know how Start up works, than joining one for a day. Joanna, one of the most open and kindest person I've ever met, has shown me every corner of Lifetramp. Remarkable experience, which I recommend everyone who is curious about running international movements and organizations.
  • Thumb p1050613
    Julia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Grzegorz on 2015-09-11
    Meeting with Grzegorz was very fruitful - he completely changed the focus of my job search - now I have many more ideas and I am closer to finding that ideal job for me. Thank you Grzegorz for your insights and for sharing your time and experience with me.
  • Thumb img 4084
    Caroline wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Nathan on 2015-09-16
    Meeting Nathan was a highlight of my experience visiting Berlin! It was a very inspiring meeting, he showed me his latest exhibition, Center, which he explained his processes, inspirations and his personal experience as an artist. I learned a lot, enjoyed his artwork and shared plenty of laughs in between! Nathan was really lovely to speak with as well as learn from, as someone who is traveling and interested in becoming more involved in the creative arts, this was a really valuable and fantastic experience! Thank you!! :)
  • Thumb 10978614 921963374515740 6338103639780984775 n
    Klaudia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marta on 2015-08-26
    Hello guys :) Me and my friend was on a trip in Warsaw for 2 days and we decided to try LifeTramp during our stay there. It was the best idea ever! We spent nice afternoon with Marta. We met in awesome place at the beach in Warsaw. We had a chance to explore Warsaw better! Marta is very interesting, positive and kind person. We were talking about our passion, our work, our life. The meeting was very inspiring! After the meeting we both thought = we need more time to talk with Marta! :) I hope we will see again! Dziękujemy! <3
  • Thumb grzegorzava
    Grzegorz przyjął/przyjęła Julia on 2015-09-11
    Julia is very positive person with many passions. Our meeting was opportunity to share opinions and different points of view. I really like my Lifetramp experience with Julia :-) and I recommend this experience to others.
  • Thumb p1050613
    Julia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Seweryn on 2015-08-26
    Seweryn told me all about event industry - it's good and bad sides, and what I could expect in the future. He also gave some good advice about my options in other fields and proved to be a source of inspiration. Thanks a lot Seweryn, I will mention you in my speech when I am famous:-)
  • Thumb 1538657 245811182260697 5545475388000047386 n
    Daniel wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Maria on 2015-06-24
    Maria was my first lifetramp experience. I hope there will be more like that:)
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta przyjął/przyjęła Klaudia on 2015-08-26
    Klaudia visited me with her friend, Patrycja. The girls were extremely nice and friendly, and we had a lovely time, using lat days of holiday by Vistula river at Pomost 511 and chatting about our passions and life. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. <3<3 Klaudia odwiedziła mnie ze swoją koleżanką , Patrycją. Dziewczyny były przesympatyczne, i spędziłyśmy bardzo miło czas, korzystając z ostatnich dni wakacji, nad Wisłą w klubie Pomost 511, rozmawiając o swoich pasjach i po prostu o życiu. Mam nadzieję, że spotkanie podobało im się co najmniej tak, jak mnie:) <3 <3
  • Thumb sew small
    Seweryn przyjął/przyjęła Julia on 2015-08-26
    For sure there are many life choices ahead of Julia. But with her curiosity, open mind, world experience, multilingualism, cultural background and so on and so on she will make the right one - sooner or later. Thanks for a great talk and good luck in whatever you desire. :)
  • Thumb avatar
    Zuzanna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Bartek on 2015-08-12
    Not for long, but definitely it was worth to come to Katowice for meeting Bartek! Interesting views about life, people, music , fascinating stories about his travelling adventures and flying - if you dream about seeing a glider or hesitate if go for a flying course or not - go ahead, meet Bartek, he will convince you for sure ;)
  • Thumb 12144861 1056850157672722 7265985064751244035 n
    Wiola wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mário on 2015-06-08
    We entered the metro at the suburbs of Lisbon in the early morning. Within 30 minutes we were at Fábrica de Startups, where Mário is developing his project called Climber. He kindly introduced me to the team (amazing team!) and I could have a look at each end every nook and cranny of the office (although the space of Fábrica was kind of dark for me). I was looking how Mário is creating his business and this few hours of job shadowing helped me to understand how it works, how it is to make a start up. Such a inspiring thing!
  • Thumb 1011249 10203205106992007 1923557994 n
    Lech przyjął/przyjęła Julia on 2015-07-13
    Julia is a language powerhouse and can open your eyes to interesting aspects of living in multiple countries and the traveling business. She's enthusiastic, direct and interested in people. It's a definitely a lot of fun to spend time with Julia.
  • Thumb 1607109 1376728559260036 2100859200 n
    Maria wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Nathan on 2015-07-31
    I spend few hours with Nathan and I loved it. I visited him in his atelier. We talked a lot about art and art market and he told me many interesting things I hadn't idea about. I could also watch him working and it was great experience. It was fantastic, very inspiring time. If you are interested in art you should definitely visit Nathan.
  • Thumb avatar
    Aga wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Grzegorz on 2015-07-07
    It was a great pleasure to meet with Grzegorz in Warsaw. He's a creative yet down-to-earth person with a great sense of humour. I was mainly curious about his experiences in working with NGOs, but we ended up talking about a multitude of other subjects. I recommend meeting with Grzegorz, it was an inspiring experience.
  • Thumb p1050613
    Julia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Lech on 2015-07-13
    It was very nice to spend a few hours with Lech - he is extremely passionate about his job and was happy to share his knowledge. Lech answered all my questions, even the most stupid ones:-), with great detail and patience. I highly recommend meeting Lech if you want to know more about alternative payment systems, he will change the way you think about money.
  • Thumb 10170771 10203721404821704 1435820662500835842 n
    Sandra wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2015-06-19
    I am very happy that I was able to spend a day with Paweł, who is a great and a very talented person! Together with him, I participated in Cracow’s Fashion Fair where I met a great number of creative people, and where I had so much fun! Paweł is very patient, he taught me basic technical things and we were talking about many interesting topics. Besides, he is a very inspiring and modest man. This was a fascinating adventure - thank you Paweł!
  • Thumb 27972364 10155885757671013 8936951770719069799 n
    Aleksandra wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aleksandra on 2015-04-27
    Aleksandra is a really great person. She told me interesting and inspiring facts about shoes industry. Aleksandra also shared with me her perception of setting up your own business. PS. I wish Aleksandra good luck :)
  • Thumb avatar
    Martin wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mateusz on 2015-03-25
    Spędziliśmy świetny czas na pizzy w pizzahut w Galerii Krakowskiej. Mateusz ma fajną wiedzę odnośnie crowfounding i przyjaznym człowiekiem:) Także Polecam
  • Thumb avatar
    Martin wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Sobiesław on 2015-04-20
    Sobiesław ma ogromną wiedzę o rynku finansowym i głównie o tym rozmawialiśmy. Jest bardzo konkretny i nie leje wody. Od razu poznałem, że się zna, a nie udaje że się zna. Zjedliśmy razem pyszny obiad i było bardzo przyjemnie. Także Polecam!
  • Thumb avatar
    Marta wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Sylwia on 2015-04-20
    Meeting with Sylwia was surprising, full of emotions and resulting in a deep dive into own thoughts and needs. If you plan to meet Sylwia and are ready to open yourself, be prepared that you'll be fully in the focus, that you'll face some to-the-point questions, which will help you to realize something or redefine your view on it. She listens carefully, softly leads towards the conclusion, all that in a very supportive manner.
  • Thumb avatar
    Marta wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marta on 2015-04-22
    Marta is energetic person, full of passion and multiple hobbies, about which she can talk endlessly and one can only wonder how she fits all that stuff in 24/7. Marta is very open and after few moments I had an impression we know each other for long time already, which made the meeting relaxed, as a chat with an old friend.
  • Thumb img 6298
    Sobiesław przyjął/przyjęła Martin on 2015-04-20
    Hej! Spędziliśmy świetny czas. Dlaczego świetny? Bardzo lubię techniczne pytania odnośnie analizy wykresów. Marcin wiele ich zadał i wiele rozumiał. Widać że przygotował się przed spotkaniem. Mam nadzieję że niedługo znów się spotkamy! :)
  • Thumb foco
    Joaquin przyjął/przyjęła Saskia on 2015-02-20
    It was amazing. I'm very glad that I could help making one of Rodrigo's dreams come true. I hope that my teaching will help in Rodrgo's path into calligraphy.
  • Thumb 522070 10151450175224239 733914362 n
    Rafał Jędrzej wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Dorota on 2014-12-08
    Dorota is realy awesome:) She come at the meeting even so she was ill;) We spent great time, talking about traveling, her study time, first job;) - everything with cup of tea in our hands:) If u want know anythink about making your own movies - it's definietly nice shot!:)
  • Thumb 430850 293619860702889 938821236 n
    Wtz wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marta on 2015-04-16
    Marta bardzo chętnie odwiedziła Warsztat Terapii Zajęciowej w Piasecznie, co bardzo doceniamy. Chętnie spotkała się z niepełnosprawnymi uczestnikami - opowiedziała o swojej pracy, odpowiedziała na pytania, przeczytała niezwykłą bajkę o Przylepce i Brawurku, a wspomnienie Dzikusków Nerwusków ciągle wywołuje uśmiech na naszych twarzach. Serdecznie polecam spotkania z Martą - jest serdeczną, ciepłą, zaangażowaną społecznie osobą o niezwykłej wyobraźni i talencie. Bardzo dziękujemy za wizytę!:) Uściski
  • Thumb 226959 109046249184283 1328556 n
    Michał wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z on 2015-03-27
    To sum up a day spent with Jaroslaw I must say that day is not enough. Knowledge and passion that Jarek is demonstrating allowed me to sink into his world of sounds and tunes to the point that after 6 hours I was leaving with the feeling that incoming months are to prepare myself for the one of jam sessions organized by Jarek. The day also showed me how little I know about sound making and how fascinating it can be to listen and “play with” the sounds of the surrounding world such as dog barking, wind blowing, broken glass, human voice. To all who are wondering whether to meet with Jarek I’d say yes because even if you are not sure music is the thing you want to explore after the day you’ll already know… 
  • Thumb mateusz
    Mateusz przyjął/przyjęła Martin on 2015-03-25
    It was an interesting talk about crowdfunding and emarketing :) Martin is open minded and curious!
  • Thumb 1236574 535138179891120 1755889183 n  1
    Magda wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Seweryn on 2015-04-01
    Seweryn is extraordinarily candid and full of passion person, who takes his life with lots of distance. He can objectively estimate event industry and honestly tell you what it looks like from inside. He is great and empathetic listener. I sincerely recommend to meet him and get to know his perspective either on work-related topics as well as loose reflections on life :)
  • Thumb 1237039 10152129212233753 9093956201539901638 n
    Noémie przyjął/przyjęła Wiktoria on 2015-03-30
    I spent a lovely time with Wiktoria, she is kind and had a lot of interesting questions to discuss. It was an genuine exchange of ideas, I loved it! I think she is so brave to be a painter in this world, it inspired me a lot. Thank you Wiktoria!
  • Thumb 11021255 10153187482855439 1353892735969818628 n
    Wiktoria wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Noémie on 2015-03-30
    Noemie is a very kind and inspiring Art Director. We met in her studio, she prepared delicious coffee and explained in details what her job is about, she showed her projects and how she combines clients' values, mission and message in a beautiful graphic design or a pretty website. She also gave me lot of tips and great ideas for my own artistic projects. I am a self-taught painter and never felt totally comfortable about my art as I have no art degree. She encouraged me saying that what's the most important is your passion and intuition to express rather then a title. She also told me that in her opinion it's better not have an art degree - I guess I needed to hear that from someone, and hearing this message from a FINE ART GRADUATE made my day :) ! Thank you so much Noémie, it was lovely to spent an afternoon with you!
  • Thumb mateusz
    Mateusz przyjął/przyjęła Joanna on 2015-03-30
    We had a great talk about crowdfunding, food, future and people! Really well spent time :) Joanna is very kind person and also give a lot of inspiration.
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Sylwia on 2015-03-18
    Sylwia is a wonderful person, intelligent, beautiful and gifted woman who has this rare skill of truly listening to people and making their day brighter :) She makes you stop for a moment, look deep into yourself and think about the answers to the questions that might not be easy. The time with her was awesome!
  • Thumb airbnb
    Angel wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Michael on 2015-03-20
    I enjoyed the meeting. Michael answered all my questions and offered good insight as to what would be a good approach to take to tackle some of the issues I'm currently facing. We also had an interesting conversation about unrelated topics.
  • Thumb avatar
    Aneta wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Sobiesław on 2015-03-03
    Spotkanie, na którym poczułam w sobie siłę do działania i podążania w kierunku, którym obrałam. Tak naprawdę o inwestycjach rozmawialiśmy niewiele, natomiast o życiu i tym, co nami kieruje w wyborach życiowych bardzo dużo.... Dowiedziałam się ciekawych rzeczy, co tylko potwierdza, że każdy napotkany w naszym życiu człowiek wnosi niesamowitą wartość. Otwartość Sobiesława i jego doświadczenie pozwoliło mi spojrzeć na tematy około-biznesowe z całkiem nowej perspektywy. Dziękuję za wspólnie spędzony czas.
  • Thumb 430628 3173141486514 76495446 n
    Piotr wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Sobiesław on 2015-03-15
    Witam Wszystkich, jestem po spotkaniu z Sobiesławem i zrobił na mnie wielkie wrażenie, jego wiedza i umiejętności na poziomie eksperckim są właśnie tym czego szukałem od dłuższego czasu i do czego sam dąże w życiu. Spokojnie mogę zarekomendować spotkanie z tym czlowiekiem.Ja sam przyjechałem, aż z Łodzi do Krakowa żeby się z nim zobaczyć i na prawdę było warto. Pozdrawiam.
  • Thumb img 6298
    Sobiesław przyjął/przyjęła Piotr on 2015-03-15
    Piotr to osoba która lubi mieć powiedziane dokładnie co, jak, gdzie, dlaczego i od czego zacząć. Myślę, że teraz będzie już łatwiej rozpocząć swoją przygodę ze światem inwestowania. Dwie godziny zleciały mi bardzo szybko. Znaczy to że towarzystwo Piotra jest zacne :)
  • Thumb 1237039 10152129212233753 9093956201539901638 n
    Noémie przyjął/przyjęła Anneke on 2014-08-22
    It was very nice to spend the day with Anneke. She is open-minded and very enthusiastic. We had very interesting and fun conversations. I had a nice time, thank you!
  • Thumb 10363678 4358143688683 9164496325932453225 n
    Sylwia przyjął/przyjęła Gosia on 2015-02-16
    There was no contact from Gosia. We set a day but she didn't replay my messages.. so there is nothing to say regarding this meeting.
  • Thumb img 6298
    Sobiesław przyjął/przyjęła Aneta on 2015-03-03
    Spotkanie z Anetą to bardzo ciekawe doświadczenie. Bardzo wiele myśli, pytań odpowiedzi. Pozwalaliśmy sobie odpłynąć w dowolnym kierunku i równie szybko wrócić do tematu rozmowy. Cieszę się że takie osoby są na świecie. Dzięki za rozmowę Aneto :)
  • Thumb 10421526 802987169760412 1558047876505937547 n
    Kinga wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Erik on 2015-02-23
    Was it exciting? Of course! For me it was really interesting because of some facts about gastronomy especially, but not only. In some way Erik has really different point of view being American lives in Poland (and asking us for three times if we want to drink something before we agreed). What's more, his words can be very inspiring and intresting not only for people passioned about cooking or taking photos - my friend who finally bought a sketchbook after this visit can be some sort of example here. And his coffee shop is of course wonderful place as well! Especially because of the atmosphere but I need to say that banana bread, carmel coffee and brewed tea are really delicious too :)
  • Thumb 15025235 10154131060061317 2298453139086126264 o
    Piotr przyjął/przyjęła Anna on 2014-10-10
    Time well spent :-) We've talked a lot about our experiences, some marketing strategies, got over some problems and walked out with new ideas and knowledge. It was a great tramping :-)
  • Thumb avatar
    Gosia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aga on 2015-02-13
    I can sum up that day in 2 words: delicious and exciting. Aga showed me amazing places in Warsaw I haven't known before. It was an amazing experience to get to know the way she works. The fact that her work is not only a way of earning a living, but a true passion really inspired me.
  • Thumb l
    Aga przyjął/przyjęła Gosia on 2015-02-13
    My day with Gosia was fantastic! She's a lovely girl who wants to experience different possible paths of life before she settles for something. You go girl! We spent an awesome workday together, getting things done in the cutest cafes this city has to offer and meeting the Yelp community for lunch. Hope Gosia has learned what she needed about my job and hope she enjoyed our day as much as I did!
  • Thumb dsc 0055
    Monika wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Maria on 2015-02-18
    A day with Maria was truly amazing! One of the best experiences I have ever had. Really! She invited me to her world of words, books and meetings with inspiring people. I could see what her working day looks like - and I love it: so much freedom and enjoyment. I got two challenging editorial tasks, so that I could feel like an editor myself. We also had a talk with an author of fantasy stories. Imagine something as cool as that :) Maria is also very keen on inspiring and giving tips on where to find a place or people that could help you make your own dreams come true. We also had many witty, intelligent and stimulating conversations. Highly recommended! :)
  • Thumb 1070037 10201323691431956 1380319236 n
    Gosia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marta on 2015-01-30
    The afternoon with Marta was a terryfic and very inspiring experience. She's a very talkative, warm person and a very dedicated to everything she does in her life... and she does a lot. ;) I had a chance to hear about her interests like RPG, wrtiting a novel and stories for children and in the meantime she also reads from Tarot cards what we tried and I was absolutely amazed about the things she told me. It was a great meeting and the whole idea of LifeTramp gives great possibilities of meeting inspiring and wonderful people I would never have a chance to meet in regular life.
  • Thumb 10176262 10152424211887068 3474652922700014944 n
    Nadia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Justyna on 2015-02-04
    Justyna is an amazing person - very positive, open&broad-minded and super helpful, she is constantly searching for new exciting challenges. Justyna loves what she is doing and gives you a great example of how you can create your dream job yourself :) !
  • Thumb 10176262 10152424211887068 3474652922700014944 n
    Nadia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Krzysztof on 2015-02-03
    Krzysztof gives you a real deep dive into you business concept opportunities&challenges by asking proper questions and giving some good advice. That was a very valuable meeting!
  • Thumb img 7656
    Maciej wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z on 2014-12-15
    I have spent a great afternoon learning about music production and crafting all kinds of quirky sounds and jamming with Jarosław. It was an outstanding opportunity to have the hands on experience with the most sophisticated electronical music instruments and have someone demonstrate how to use them. Highly recommended! :)
  • Thumb joanna tor gazda 91 edit
    Joanna przyjął/przyjęła Ana on 2015-01-23
    Ana is great:) we have very nice time together. She is very friendly and has very good taste in fashion. I think that she will be very good style coach if she decides to make the first step:)
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta przyjął/przyjęła Gosia on 2015-01-30
    It was a great afternoon with Gosia, she's a a super- cool lifetramper, great listener, friendly and lovely person. It was my pleasure to host her.
  • Thumb 1157448 580499762003015 1351857125 n
    Izabela wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marta on 2015-01-28
    Marta chętnie dzieli się swoją wiedzą i doświadczeniami, jest bardzo otwarta i fantastycznie się opowiada o swoich pasjach, zarażając entuzjazmem. Dzięki spotkaniu dowiedziałam się, jak to jest być mentorem, dlaczego RPG jest super a wydanie własnej książki skomplikowane i kto przychodzi do wróżki (która nawet bez patrzenia w karty potrafi zdjąć klątwę). I nawet dostałam autorską bajkę! To było świetne, inspirujące popołudnie, wszystkim gorąco polecam! :)
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta przyjął/przyjęła Izabela on 2015-01-28
    Just got back from lifetramping with Iza, and it was awesome! :) She's a very communicative, open and friendly person asking many interesting and important questions. I was delighted to meet her and I' d highly recommend Iza to any mentor :)
  • Thumb 1798494 840438025972740 1723534920 n
    Halina przyjął/przyjęła Viktor on 2015-01-23
    Nasze spotkanie przebiegło w bardzo sympatycznej atmosferze i przyznam, że sama nie wiem w jaki sposób przeleciały nam aż 3 godziny :) Viktor to bardzo sympatyczny, rwący się do pracy, zdolny chłopak. Mam nadzieję, że na swojej drodze spotka odpowiednich ludzi i będzie mógł spełnić swoje zawodowe marzenia - trzymam za to mocno kciuki! Powodzenia! :)
  • Thumb 1743698 262372247271645 1715250722 n
    Viktor wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Halina on 2015-01-23
    Bardzo ciekawe i z korzyścią spędzony czas. Otrzymałem dużo nowej wiedzy, usłyszałem ciekawych historii i zobaczyłem fascynujące zdjęcia przygod Hali) Hali ma dużo wiedzy o marketingu i chętnie nią się dzieli. Jestem bardzo zadowolony ze spotkania =)
  • Thumb 10417449 532113206918346 1309252400577396592 n
    Maja wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Sobiesław on 2015-01-22
    Sobiesława wybrałam kierując się intuicją i nie zawiodłam się. Posiada on ogromną wiedzę i co ważniejsze, umiejętność przekazania jej. Szczegółowo odpowiedział na wszystkie moje pytania, tłumacząc nie tylko jak ale i dlaczego należy postępować w okrślony sposób. W czasie spotkania można zdobyć wiele cennych informacji o inwestowaniu i przy okazji dowiedzieć się czegoś o sobie.
  • Thumb img 6298
    Sobiesław przyjął/przyjęła Maja on 2015-01-22
    Jaka jest Maja? Bardzo Ciekawa osoba. Spokojna, miła, wesoła i opanowana. W przyszłości z pewnością będzie właścicielem ciekawego biznesu! Bardzo duża wiedza na temat oszczędzania pieniędzy w teorii i praktyce. Powiem szczerze, że pierwszy raz spotykam osobę która miała by tak dużą wiedzę w tym temacie (wśród osób z poza branży). Czas to pieniądz, więc sugeruję już dziś podjąć małe kroki w celu biznesu! Wielkie dzięki za spotkanie. Powodzenia! :D
  • Thumb 11495635203 c2672dbd8e o
    Misza wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Seweryn on 2015-01-22
    An afternoon with Seweryn was a great experience! Even though his schedule was very busy, he managed to tell me about his experience in event agency. Well prepared for our meeting, flooded me with ideas to improve my business and answered all my questions. Sew came up with a lot of out-of-the-box insight, which you can get only from the most experienced managers in the industry. All in casual atmosphere over a mug of tea :) Thanks and see you!
  • Thumb avatar
    Karolina wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aleksandra on 2015-01-13
    Pełna pasji, PRZEOGROMNIE utalentowana kobieta ! Dodatkowo niesamowicie otwarta, opowiedziała o realiach branży, prowadzenia własnego showroomu, jak to się zaczęło, jak wyglądało, jak jest. Wszystkiego mozna było dotknąć, przymierzyć - dla butowych maniaków- raj ! Ślicznie dziękuję za ten dzień i z pewnością powrócę :)
  • Thumb 10176262 10152424211887068 3474652922700014944 n
    Nadia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Grzegorz on 2014-12-09
    Was nice and inspiring to meet a person who loves what he is doing, is constantly developing his skills and uses different professional opportunities.
  • Thumb grzegorzava
    Grzegorz przyjął/przyjęła Rafał Jędrzej on 2014-12-08
    Very interesting and inspirational meeting. It was a pleasure to meet such interesting person as Rafal.
  • Thumb grzegorzava
    Grzegorz przyjął/przyjęła Jan on 2014-11-06
    Very interesting and inspirational meeting. It was a pleasure to meet such interesting person as Jan. Thanks.
  • Thumb 10176262 10152424211887068 3474652922700014944 n
    Nadia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aleksandra on 2014-12-29
    Dziękuję kreatywnej i przedsiębiorczej Aleksandrze za wartościowe i bardzo inspirujące spotkanie :) Gorąco polecam!
  • Thumb 1798239 1395356774064998 1162304543 n
    Anna Magdalena wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mateusz on 2014-12-22
    Many many thanks to Mateusz for explaining me the ins and outs of crowd founding. It’s not that simple as it looks like. It’s a well considered strategy, a few months long process. If you ever want to make use of any crowd founding platform, you should consult somebody like Mateusz. A person with first-hand experience, plenty of knowledge and passion for crowd founding.
  • Thumb mateusz
    Mateusz przyjął/przyjęła Anna Magdalena on 2014-12-22
    Nice lunch time with Anna and her fiance. We have great talk about crowdfunding and her newest project. Anna is openminded and determined to achive success!
  • Thumb gisela
    Gisela wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Erik on 2014-12-10
    The experience was amazing! Erik is a great person, an experienced and hands-on entrepreneur, who was very generous to give me a glimpse of his everyday work life. I made a lot of questions and he was always willing to explain everything I asked. I got to see Erik working on the first days of his new business and I learned some valuable lessons about having humility to do all the steps of a new business and learn with your mistakes. I also learned about his way of organising his day tasks in time slots, which is quite interesting and useful. It was also a great pleasure to meet his friends who share the same office and also have a very interesting new e-business. Thank you for sharing, Erik! I hope to meet you again sometime!
  • Thumb avatar
    Paulina wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marta on 2014-12-03
    Marta is such a nice person with positive attitude to live. You can see that she loves what she does and is fascinated by it. I learnt a lot about writer's workshop, inspiration and I spend a great day with two amazing women. :) I would highly recommend choosing Marta as a mentor for someone who looks for an inspiration and motivation. She proves that the best present you can give yourself is following your passion.
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta przyjął/przyjęła Paulina on 2014-12-03
    Paulina is a very nice girl, she definitively has positive attitude and she is still looking for her path in life. hope I could help her wit that just a little bit ;) It was a great day! :)
  • Thumb 2014 08 31 18.10.10
    Thiago przyjął/przyjęła Priscila on 2014-11-26
    Priscila and her husband are very passionate about they do and avid learners. I loved meeting them, giving them tips on what I do, how it relates to their work and telling them some stories of how I overcome certain challenges. I ended up learning a lot from them too, so I recommend meeting them if you like sharing stories and enjoy learning from the people you meet as well. They are really nice, humble and friendly people whom I plan on meeting again for lunch and more chatting. :)
  • Thumb round game board blank
    Erik przyjął/przyjęła Gisela on 2014-12-10
    Gisela was a great guest. Good communication, arrived on time and was very interested in my activity, showing eagerness to learn about my entrepreneurial activities.
  • Thumb img 6298
    Sobiesław przyjął/przyjęła Sebastian on 2014-12-09
    Świetny czas spędzony na zgłębianiu wiedzy: biznesowej, giełdowej + dawka motywacji do tworzenia swoich własnych projektów i planów życiowych. Dzięki za wspólny czas :)
  • Thumb avatar
    Gosia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2014-12-03
    I think I can say without exaggeration that it was one of the most inspiring day I've ever had. Paweł is not an ordinary teacher, he is a true mentor. I really admire his positive attitude, vast knowledge and true passion . He taught me (e.g.) how to tell the difference between good and bad coffee (starting with beans and ending with steamed milk).
  • Thumb avatar
    Dorota przyjął/przyjęła Rafał Jędrzej on 2014-12-08
    Było fajowo! Mądry, ciekawy świata facet. Wielkie rzeczy przed Tobą :-)
  • Thumb prisciladinizphoto
    Priscila wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Thiago on 2014-11-26
    Fiquei muito feliz em conhecer o Thiago e um pouco do seu trabalho! Além de me dar excelentes dicas para melhorar o meu trabalho, já que eles estão conectados de certa forma! Para quem busca uma pessoa positiva, que te mostre que as oportunidades as vezes estão em lugares e pessoas que você nunca cogitaria. O Thiago foi um ótimo mentor e tenho certeza de que a partir de hoje também se tornará um grande amigo! Obrigada pela tarde agradável!
  • Thumb 10364100 10202756485806959 9173540140109987014 n
    Fernando wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mário on 2014-09-23
    I went to see Mário without much expectation but I just left very amazed with the very nice experience I had. We had a lunch with his group where I could ask him about a few doubts I had regarding startups and developing your own business and Mário with his interesting knowledge solved all my issues. After, he took me to his office where it is shared with many other startups and he introduced me to a few of them where I could also talk and discover very nice projects that are going on in that place. Definetly a lifetramping experience you might have!
  • Thumb mario m.
    Mário przyjął/przyjęła sonia on 2014-10-14
    Sonia was very curious and talkative. We had a great time chatting and discussing and still had a quick lunch together. I was eager to meet people like her through LT. Recommended 100%.
  • Thumb mario m.
    Mário przyjął/przyjęła Fernando on 2014-09-23
    I had a nice experience with Fernando. He passed by in my co-working startup accelerator space and we went out for a quick lunch and chat. Curious and interesting. Recommended 100%.
  • Thumb tom cubo
    Nellynton przyjął/przyjęła Mayara on 2014-11-21
    Mayara is a really great person, talented photographer, cultured and has very interesting humanitarian ideas. We talked about work, about our lives, and share that information, no doubt, added to both. It was a very pleasant experience. I am very grateful to Lifetramp for putting us in touch.
  • Thumb 154591 10153339089337942 4933549673389559773 n
    Mayara wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Nellynton on 2014-11-21
    My experience it was amazing! Nellynton is a very nice person. He explained to me about his profession and showed me where he works. We drank some beer at the bar and went to a party in the city center. I had a great time.
  • Thumb 999712 10151747135922710 647967636 n
    Joanna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Patryk on 2014-11-21
    I really enjoyed meeting Patryk. We had interesting chat over lunch. Patryk is very positive person with passion to his work. He was open to share his knowledge and experience. I'm glad I could meet him.
  • Thumb avatar
    Weronika wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Seweryn on 2014-09-17
    The meeting with Seweryn was a very valuable and interesting experience. Seweryn was a very thoughtful and dedicated host and, since event manager’s job is very dynamic, made sure that I could make most of the day spent with him. Thanks to Seweryn I could see what a large event organization means both in theory and in practice. During our meeting I had a unique opportunity to ask any and every question about the event planning profession. Seweryn also made sure that the industry is not only sugar coated – it is a very requiring job and such a meeting is the best chance to verify your assumptions. All in all, whether you want to learn something about event management, have doubts if you’re fit for the industry, looking for opportunities to deepen your knowledge or just want to spend an interesting day in an enjoyable company – Seweryn is the right person!
  • Thumb avatar
    Luís Henrique wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Estevão on 2014-11-03
    It was excellent! Estevão has great ideas and excellent knowledge to share!
  • Thumb 31177 1297529804323 3078903 n
    sonia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mário on 2014-10-14
    It was awesome !!! Mario showed me start-up, where he works and answered ALL my questions concerning opening my own business. Mario is like a book of knowledge, willing to shear everything he knows. More over he is very enthusiastic and positive person. Spending time with him was very motivating and inspiriting. Thanks for that and hope to see you soon in Lx !!!
  • Thumb 1378062 576897685680334 1818784477 n
    Luiza wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Bruno on 2014-10-29
    Getting to know Bruno was definitely enlightening! He is an inspiring person, with a really interesting job and a history behind it that is impressive. The visit surpassed my expectations as I got to know more about being adventurous and embracing opportunities. At the end of the day, I feel that his insights filled me with the optimism that I needed. It was my first visit using Life Tramps and it could not have been better. :)
  • Thumb tururu
    Piotr wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Adam on 2014-10-28
    Adam is a really expert in the matter of startups. He is very positive person with a passion and huge experience. Even a totally newb, like me, can gain a useful knowledge and tips from such a meeting. I hope to see Adam and (his co-worker) Sebastian in the near future again. Good luck in further development! :)
  • Thumb 1797625 843251949037014 3110810521742388490 n
    Bruno przyjął/przyjęła Felipe on 2014-10-21
    We met, we talked about our careers and some more personal things, like family and aspirations. I believe I could help in some decisions Felipe that he is about to take and could also empower him so he can put together a plan of action to get their ideas of the paper. I enjoyed this and I intend repeated encounter with him.
  • Thumb avatar
    Adam wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mariusz on 2014-08-29
    Spending a day with Mariusz was one of the most intensive days in my live. In just few hours i got more practical knowledge than on few days workshop. Mariusz is one of most comprehensive person according to user experience, graphic design, coding and start-ups in general, i have ever meet! What is even more important, he seems to be really enjoyed to share this knowledge :). Greetings to Mariusz for hosting me in Berlin, and the whole LIfetramp Team for developing such a great project.
  • Thumb avatar
    Roberta wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Everton on 2014-10-16
    Loved our meeting! It was very productive and we had great ideas and insights together. Everton is a excellent mentor and I thank him for have this time with me .
  • Thumb 1157448 580499762003015 1351857125 n
    Izabela wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Grzegorz on 2014-10-13
    Grzesiek ma imponujące doświadczenie i wiedzę, którą chętnie się dzieli w bardzo otwarty sposób. Widać, że lubi swoją pracę i opowiada o niej z porywającym entuzjazmem. Nasze spotkanie to świetne popołudnie – kilka godzin rozmawiania o pracy zawodowej, planach na przyszłość, blogowaniu i kotach ;) Bardzo się cieszę, że mój pierwszy lifetramp był taki super - w 130% spełnił moje oczekiwania! Szczerze polecam Grześka jako mentora: odpowiedział na wszystkie moje pytania i udzielił kilku naprawdę cennych wskazówek :)
  • Thumb 10157413 10152041129800222 2519348390919806668 n
    Camila wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Tatiana on 2014-10-03
    I had an amazing time with Tatiana. Her insights and experience are really valuable for what I am trying to pull off right now. I will definitely keep in touch with her :)
  • Thumb 1024x768 lines and colors
    Anneke wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Noémie on 2014-08-22
    It was great! Noémie is a very nice and open person! She told me a lot about her work as an art director, showing me many different type of projects she has done and telling me about the choices she made to become a free lancer! Very useful insights into her current and passed working life as an art director; how different it is to do this for yourself or for a big company. Truly inspiring!
  • Thumb 1549569 10151798209361082 967512287 n
    Tatiana przyjął/przyjęła Juliana on 2014-10-01
    I really enjoyed our day together and it was a great experience!!
  • Thumb mateusz
    Mateusz wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Adam on 2014-09-30
    Adam is really experienced and visionary entrepreneur. It was a pleasure to hear about his experiences, while building companies from scratch. Great time and awesome piece of lesson learned for my startup - Thanks Adam !
  • Thumb tom cubo
    Nellynton przyjął/przyjęła Victor on 2014-09-27
    Try to contact Victor some times and have no answer.
  • Thumb armando
    Armando "Axidente" przyjął/przyjęła Michealla on 2014-09-30
    She did not show up to the appointment.
  • Thumb avatar
    Rafal wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Grzegorz on 2014-09-22
    Grzegorz besides being nice guy is a pro marketing professional. Within an hour he gave me so many ideas how to promote my startup that I couldn't grasp them ;). I recommend meeting Grzegorz to anybody who wants to get to know how marketing and social media work. Cheers!
  • Thumb avatar
    Rafal wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Anna on 2014-08-18
    Meeting Anna was a very nice experience. We talked mostly about my startup and she gave me a lot of marketing advices. Together we figured out a potential viral idea how to promote my startup ;). I totally recommend meeting Anna to anybody who wants to grasp some knowledge from marketing and personal devlopment. Cheers!
  • Thumb 215230 1020468761171 227 n
    Tut wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Halina on 2014-08-28
    Miło i sensownie spędzone sobotnie przedpołudnie. Halina to wulkan pomysłów i wodospad pozytywnej energii. Każdemu polecam spotkanie z tą ciekawą osobowością
  • Thumb 1798494 840438025972740 1723534920 n
    Halina przyjął/przyjęła Tut on 2014-08-28
    Spotkanie z Mateo było niezwykle przyjemne i inspirujące! Wymieniliśmy się wiedzą i był to bardzo miło spędzony czas. Powodzenia Mateo w Twoim projekcie! Dziękuję :)
  • Thumb kapelusz
    Maciej przyjął/przyjęła Rafal on 2014-07-16
    We haven't met yet.
  • Thumb kapelusz
    Maciej przyjął/przyjęła Kacper on 2014-09-16
    Hi, Unfortunatelly we haven't met yet...
  • Thumb square
    Flaco przyjął/przyjęła Mateusz on 2014-09-16
    We meet one sunny morning at the Betahaus Cafe in Berlin, before his return to München. He’s really nice guy, very curious about design and with an interesting career behind his back. I was actually quite curious about his previous work and experiences in the car industry. We were talking for three hours, sharing life and design experiences, points of view about the start up ecosystem… it was a great meeting. Go ahead, book a visit with him or if he ask to visit you, please say YES!
  • Thumb mateusz
    Mateusz wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Flaco on 2014-09-16
    Flaco is an amazing guy with extraordinary traveller story :) Just check his profile to get know more. He reinvented the process of design in my head. I thought always that design of web, books, apps etc. you need only a few fancy fonts, shapes and colours. It's bullshit! The thing is there is 80% more stuff behind. We've talked about the design, traveling, people and culture. He is a guy with many experiences from all around the world and has an huge backpack of inspiring stories! He's very patient, experienced and open-minded guy. When I'll have a few minutes next time in Berlin, I will definitely want to meet him and talk. So, if you will be in Berlin - You already know who you should meet :).
  • Thumb mateusz
    Mateusz wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Philip on 2014-09-16
    We've got a lunch together and talk a bit about the startups, life, people and ideas. Long story short - it was great. Philip is an amazing and brave guy, who has already written a story for a book with his experiences. Positive, happy and helpful - It will be a pleasure for me to meet him one more time in Berlin or all around the world. Thanks Philip for a great time!
  • Thumb ola
    Aleksandra przyjął/przyjęła Ewa on 2014-08-28
    It was a great pleasure to meet Ewa <3 She is very talented and I keep my fingers crossed for her and her awesome projects! I am sure she will succeed in shoe market & I hope our next meeting will be on top of the tops ;P
  • Thumb 10257959 10203721553269990 7545000119873241621 n
    Ekaterina wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mariusz on 2014-09-12
    I booked Mariusz through a web-site which was super easy and fast and he invited me to come to his office in Betahaus coworking space in Berlin. The meeting was very insightful and Mariusz was very open and informal in sharing his experience. We discussed lots of things, like how did their startup get its first 1000 registered users, what’s the structure of the team, how do they engage users, what are the current metrics, what is the business model, how did they come up to the idea and get their first money, etc.. Mariusz showed me his desk and the coworking space and in the end we went to the rooftop with an amazing view on Berlin city. I learned a lot during the day and got inspired by the stories of community members, so I absolutely recommend Mariusz !
  • Thumb  av 2018 07
    Mariusz przyjął/przyjęła Ekaterina on 2014-09-12
    This was probably the most awesome mentoring experience I had so far. Ekaterina is a great, ambitious person with a lot of business know-how and a lot of great ideas. I think I might have learned more from her than she actually did from me.
  • Thumb img 6298
    Sobiesław przyjął/przyjęła Dominik on 2014-09-10
    Było super. Bardzo fajnie się bawiłem. Sporo pytań i tematów. Co zaczynaliśmy mówić o giełdzie - schodziło na biznes. Z takim podejściem. Sukces murowany! :)
  • Thumb armando
    Armando "Axidente" przyjął/przyjęła Laura on 2014-09-05
    She never showed up!
  • Thumb 10440939 798928716786238 2544567412573286522 n
    Abhishek wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marcin on 2014-09-01
    I met Marcin in the club where he's a regular DJ. I was expecting just a general overview of how things flow, but he went out of the way to explain me every little detail and concept to get me started. On the second meet, he even borrowed his friend's equipment since it was more beginner friendly, to have a go at it myself. Super nice and helpful guy, can't thank him enough.
  • Thumb 1239872 10152285417224481 1750939605 n
    Ewa wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aleksandra on 2014-08-28
    Meeting Ola was super inspiring for me. She's a great person, I feel like we have a lot of similar thoughts when it comes to design. Still she's far more experienced, so there was a lot that I could learn. If you're a shoe person - be sure to meet Ola. She's very open to tell you everything you want to know about designing, producing and selling it!
  • Thumb ptryk
    Patryk przyjął/przyjęła Paul on 2014-09-02
    Experience, wisdom and deep insight. Those are qualities that Paul embodies. Whether it is a few hour meeting or a day at work, time with Paul is highly valuable. He also has a great personality to be a mentor and/or a coach. Thank you Paul.
  • Thumb 10171063 536401933146730 8520090986930609538 n
    Paul wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Patryk on 2014-09-02
    Patryk's a really great guy. He's both interested and interesting, skilled at sharing his feelings, dreams and methods and genuinely interested in other people. That makes spending time with him a great pleasure and a valuable learning experience.
  • Thumb  av 2018 07
    Mariusz przyjął/przyjęła Adam on 2014-08-29
    Adam arrived all the way back from Szczecin, which was, on its own, quite a perk. He was a great guest with a bunch of very valuable insights and very valid questions. Very recommended.
  • Thumb ava
    Michał przyjął/przyjęła Marta on 2014-08-01
    Marta to ciepła, rozmowna i pomysłowa osoba z którą spędzenie dnia i rozmowa to sama przyjemność!
  • Thumb bartek
    Bartosz przyjął/przyjęła Jacek on 2014-08-15
    My first visitor and quite a unique person. Jacek not only has a lot of interesting stories to tell but also is a great listener. We spent some quality time together and did not get bored even for a second. :)
  • Thumb 1798494 840438025972740 1723534920 n
    Halina przyjął/przyjęła Misza on 2014-08-12
    Dzień spędzony z Miszą to dzień jakiego życzę każdemu! Był to dzień pouczający, motywujący, a do tego owocujący wieloma ciekawymi pomysłami. Gorąco polecam Miszę i Jego Warsztaty, na które sama skwapliwie się już zapisałam :) Dzięki Misza! :)
  • Thumb 11495635203 c2672dbd8e o
    Misza wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Halina on 2014-08-12
    Halina knows a lot about marketing in the internet. She gave me interesting tips for my business. I got to know a lot about products for babies and bought a lovely swimming nappy for my niece :) Thanks Halina !
  • Thumb  g205289 500pxv2
    Jacek wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Bartosz on 2014-08-15
    Yes, it was exciting indeed! Bartosz is a very nice guy doing fantastic things! If you want to see (and learn how to do it with your own hands) how to make a masterpiece out of an old piece of "junk", transform a ruined furniture into a beautiful chair for instance - he's your man. Also, you'll have a chance to see an extraordinary place he works in called "Zaklad", where anyone interested in making things and coworking can come and... MAKE THINGS! :)
  • Thumb 733778 4576343225497 716587511 n
    Kuba wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Sobiesław on 2014-08-18
    Spotkanie zdecydowanie przeszło moje najśmielsze oczekiwania. To niewiarygodnie, w jak krótkim czasie można przekazać tak dużo cennej wiedzy. Sobiesław świetnie potrafił odpowiedzieć na moje pytania i wytłumaczyć m.in. mi zasady działania giełdy oraz funkcjonowania funduszy inwestycyjnych. Zdecydowanie polecam każdemu, kto chciałby dowiedzieć się jak efektywnie zarządzać swoimi finansami, niezależnie od stopnia posiadanej wiedzy :) Było to pierwsze, ale na pewno nie ostatnie Lifetrampowe spotkanie :)
  • Thumb img 6298
    Sobiesław przyjął/przyjęła Kuba on 2014-08-18
    Świetnie spędzony czas! Dużo pytań technicznych. Mieliśmy okazję przeprowadzić analizę dwóch wykresów i omówić sporo prawideł rynkowych. Zapraszam ponownie! :D
  • Thumb airbnb
    Angel wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Prangchat on 2014-08-16
    It was an insightful experience as I was not too familiar with her niche nor was she with mine but we both tried to relate as much as possible. Hope to put the new knowledge to use soon :)
  • Thumb 10288700 739539409430395 3665779699890868781 n
    Michał wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Adam on 2014-08-15
    It was very productive day for me. Adam is fantastic and inspiring person with a passion. This one day gave me more than my knowledge from my studies. I hope I will stay in touch with Adam. Thanks Adam again! ;)
  • Thumb anna
    przyjął/przyjęła Andreas on 2014-08-05
    It was really great to meet Andreas for coffee and chat with him about soap. He already knew a lot, so that made it more fun!
  • Thumb img 3066
    Andreas wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z on 2014-08-05
    I met with Anna at a local coffee shop on a Tuesday morning. The sun was shining brightly and the birds were chirping and the cars were rolling by. I purchased Anna a coffee and a pastry (as per the aforementioned agreement on Lifetramp™) and we sat outside to discuss all things soap making. It was a fantastic experience. Though I didn't get to watch her work (which is what I was hoping for), she shared many ideas and tips with me and I even shared a couple with her! She was very kind and supportive and I truly think that her business will be highly successful and go a lot of different places. Maybe one day we can collaborate? Our conversation was quite exciting and I am glad that I have spent some time researching soap making, because it seemed to add some great back and forth to the conversation as well!
  • Thumb sin t tulo
    Lucyna przyjął/przyjęła Paul on 2014-07-30
    It was amazing day! Time passed too quickly. Paul is extremely interesting and wise man. Despite his huge knowledge and experience, he is very patient listener. Lifetramping with him is realy cool :)
  • Thumb avatar
    Rafal wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marta on 2014-08-04
    Hi. Marta is a very wise and experienced lady :) It was a pleasure to spend time with her. She gave me valuable advices. She is good listener, because we spent time talking about my stuff. Unfortunately we didn't have enough for her stories. 2 hours is definitely too short. I recommend seeing Marta everyone who is starting with his own business. Cheers!
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Michał on 2014-08-01
    Cool afternoon with the cool guy who knows everything about Lifetramp ;) Michał is open and friendly, I'm very glad I could finally meet him in real ! :D
  • Thumb 1947843 669795489746067 97530989 n
    Kuba wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Krzysztof on 2014-07-30
    Talking to Krzysztof gave me the feeling of being understood, helped me to open my mind and to verify many doubts about my life decisions. He has a very rare ability to focus deeply on another person and to give wise feedback. Lifetramping with Krzysztof is a very inspiring and enriching experience!
  • Thumb 10171063 536401933146730 8520090986930609538 n
    Paul wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Lucyna on 2014-07-30
    Since neither of us has an office, we met in the zoo, and spent hours bouncing around business ideas in between visiting animals. It was inspiring, yielding several new ideas. Lucyna is a great conversationalist (even in her second language), a clear thinker, and an inspiring business person.
  • Thumb avatar
    Magda wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aleksandra on 2014-07-23
    Bardzo dziękuję Oli Sychowicz za cenne informacje. Miłe, i co ważne, nader pożyteczne spotkanie :-) Gorąco polecam wszystkim, którzy chcieliby "zasięgnąć języka" na temat projektowania butów czy rozkręcania własnego biznesu w ogóle. MagdaTorzecka
  • Thumb avatar
    Rafal wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Halina on 2014-07-29
    Meeting with Halina was very nice. We spent evening enjoying coffee, insights of marketing and secret Halina's profession ;) I guess you have to meet her to find out what is it. Cheers.
  • Thumb 1798494 840438025972740 1723534920 n
    Halina przyjął/przyjęła Rafal on 2014-07-29
    Bardzo sympatycznie spędziliśmy spotkanie, podczas którego podzieliliśmy się ze sobą wiedzą i pomysłami. Mam nadzieję, że mogłam pomóc i trzymam mocno kciuki za powodzenie projektu Rafała! Rafał - jesteś skazany na sukces, więc uparcie o niego walcz! :)
  • Thumb ola
    Aleksandra przyjął/przyjęła Magda on 2014-07-23
    Nice to know someone who would really like to make shoes!! I hope that I was able to help Magda and also to encourage her to action :) because shoes are the coolest piece of clothing and my greatest passion :) I'm pretty sure that we will meet again :)
  • Thumb ola
    Aleksandra przyjął/przyjęła Ola on 2014-07-28
    Super cute ;) with Ola we share similar passions and life experiences ;) was nice to talked about our graphics programs and other life problems ;D ;P
  • Thumb user 1447528 1d961c huge
    Ola wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aleksandra on 2014-07-28
    I truly recommend Ola who is such an inspiring person, nice and friendly to talk to and co-operate with. I have learned a lot of things I've never know before and discover a lot about the field I was interested in. Great person and great teacher :) Thanks Ola ! Wish you Luck!
  • Thumb 1947843 669795489746067 97530989 n
    Kuba wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z on 2014-07-24
    Great! Interesting! Inspiring! Jarek is a great, easy going and smart person whom I met as a stranger and left as a friend. I enjoyed lifetramping with him a lot and I feel inspired to actually start doing something creative instead of just talking about wanting to do it. Dziękuję!
  • Thumb jarek
    przyjął/przyjęła Kuba on 2014-07-24
    Kuba was excited like a little kid! :) Very friendly guy, really nice and smart with lot of courage, you have to meet him!
  • Thumb avatar
    Dorota przyjął/przyjęła Marta on 2014-07-23
    It was very nice afternoon spent with Marta. She's very inspiring and full of passion! She invited me as a mentor, but I also learned a lot :-)
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Dorota on 2014-07-23
    It was a great afternoon spent with Dorota, with a delicious cup of tea and many inspiring topics to discuss :)
  • Thumb sew small
    Seweryn przyjął/przyjęła Basia on 2014-07-18
    We still have some more to discuss with Basia about her future career in event business, but for sure she is really open to all pros and cons when it comes to being event manager. Which I hope will make her decision solid :) Looking forward to showing her real event production in the near future.
  • Thumb avatar
    Jakub wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Sobiesław on 2014-07-18
    You're going to miss out on a lot if you don't meet with Sobiesław. He's got an extensive knowledge of market investing, but also of oh, so much more - don't forget to try and ask him about different topics more or less loosely related to his speciality. Sobiesław is very open and extremely bright, and all of this this makes him the best teacher you could imagine if you want to learn anything about money. -- Nie możesz przegapić tej okazji i po prostu musisz spotkać się z Sobiesławem! Ma ogromną wiedzę w temacie inwestycji giełdowych, ale nie tylko - sam(a) się przekonaj, czego możesz się od niego dowiedzieć. Sobiesław jest bardzo otwarty i super inteligentny, a to wszystko czyni go najlepszym nauczycielem finansów jakiego możesz sobie wyobrazić.
  • Thumb avatar
    Rafal wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Krzysztof on 2014-07-17
    The meeting with Krzysiek was perfect. However two hours with Krzysiek is definitely not enough! Unfortunately there was getting dark outside and we had to wrap up the discussion ;). We spoke mostly about my stuff - two startups. I was lucky, because Krzysiek is an expert in events industry and gave me deep knowledge-experience feedback which will save a lot of my time! At the same time he gave me encouraging advices how to proceed with what I am doing now. I really hope to stay in touch with him and I recommend meeting with Krzysiek to every young startuper! Cheers!
  • Thumb avatar
    Rafal wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Michał on 2014-07-14
    Visit was ok! ;) short and condense. Michal shared his stories which were interesting and surprising.
  • Thumb avatar
    Karolina wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aleksandra on 2014-07-21
    I can describe Aleksandra as a really nice, honest and passionate person. She is very positive in what she is doing and she seems to be enjoying every minute of her life. We talked about her experience in shoe industry and her future plans related to the business. What I liked about this meeting most was this positive energy with which Aleksamdra shares with everyone. In the conclusion we both decided that determination and passion is the key success of what you are doing in your life :)
  • Thumb img 6298
    Sobiesław przyjął/przyjęła Jakub on 2014-07-18
    Mogę tu ująć jednym zdaniem - wspaniale spędzony czas! :D Jakub zadawał bardzo dużo pytań - więc miałem możliwość udzielenia mu wielu odpowiedzi. Tematy od giełdowych po biznesowe :). Myślę że będzie z niego dobry przedsiębiorca! Dzięki Jakub! :)
  • Thumb avatar
    Basia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Seweryn on 2014-07-18
    Spotkanie z Sewerynem było bardzo sympatyczne i pouczające. Nie owijając w bawełnę dokładnie opowiedział o blaskach i cieniach pracy przy organizacji eventów, o charakterze rynku i przede wszystkim konstrukcji psycho-fizycznej event managera. Bardzo podobało mi się, że szczerze opowiadał o swojej pracy, nie koloryzując nic i nie wskazując tylko i wyłącznie pozytywów, ale przede wszystkim opisując wyzwania i trudności jakie wiążą się z tym zawodem. To bardzo pomaga przy rozważaniach czy jest to zajęcie dla mnie, czy sobie poradzę. I chociaż wydaję mi się, że jednak nie poradziłabym sobie jako event manager (spotkanie rozwiało moje wątpliwości) to rozmowa z Sewerynem podsunęła mi pewien pomysł na to co chciałabym robić w życiu zawodowym, w którym kierunku chciałabym się rozwijać, a nawet (w dalszej przyszłości) założyć własną działalność :)
  • Thumb ola
    Aleksandra przyjął/przyjęła Marta on 2014-07-17
    Marta is a cheerful and charismatic person!! She came to me to spend the day with the mentor, but it was me that could't stop to listen to her :) In the end she write stories for children, not me :* Marta is a wonderful person <3 I recommend Marta as a cure for everyday life :) !!
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aleksandra on 2014-07-17
    It was awesome, and I literally lost my eyes looking at all those super-cool shoes! I've found out many interesting things about how they are made and could try some on :) Aleksandra is very positive person and great host, it was a real pleasure spending afternoon with her :)
  • Thumb ava
    Michał przyjął/przyjęła Rafal on 2014-07-14
    Rafał jest przesympatycznym i pełnym pomysłów facetem z który jest świetnym słuchaczem jak i od którego można dowiedzieć się ciekawych rzeczy ;)
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta przyjął/przyjęła Kasia on 2014-07-14
    It was a great day spent with Kasia, she is an amazing young woman with lots of passions, and her life experience made her tough yet sensitive to other people's needs. I'm very glad I could host her :))
  • Thumb avatar
    Kasia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marta on 2014-07-14
    I spent a day with Marta and it was really motivating. Marta is a real polymath who juggles different activities with success and knows how to infect others ;) Apart from having a dynamic life, Marta is a life wise and sensible person so prepare for an inspiring and spark moment talk!
  • Thumb sew small
    Seweryn przyjął/przyjęła Stanisława on 2014-07-09
    Stasia had just begun her event path but looks like she wont give up easily :) I hope that some old wolf stories will help her take the right decisions. Good luck girl! :)
  • Thumb 1947843 669795489746067 97530989 n
    Kuba wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Tomasz on 2014-07-03
    It was an awesome experience to see Tomasz creating music live based on a sample taken of a vinyl record from his collection and the whole track was in a similar style to what I played him at the beginning as my favourite tune. In general I know now what it takes to become and how it is to be a professional musician. This was a really inspiring day for me!
  • Thumb sew small
    Seweryn przyjął/przyjęła Ania on 2014-06-10
    Ania had a chance to see big event production happening at that time on warsaw's National Stadium. I hope she liked it :)
  • Thumb 531026 479160235440193 677174675 n
    Szymon wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Sobiesław on 2014-07-04
    How to describe my 1st lifetramping experience with Sobiesław? A big suprise. A big suprise, because I wasn't sure how this meeting will looks like or how should i prepare to it. In fact I didn't had to prepare anything, everything came as time went by. I was suprised by his openness and positive attitude. I'm glad I've decided to come and spend those few ours with him. He shared with me his knowledge, experience and helped me with some dificult decisions which I have to make. So If you still hesitate whether to meet him or not, I can with full responsibility recommend him as great mentor :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jak opisać moją pierwszą przygodę z lifetrampingiem? Jako dużą niespodziankę. A to dlatego, ponieważ nie miałem pojęcia jak ma wyglądać nasze spotkanie, czy jak się do niego przygotować. Okazało się że przygotowanie nie było potrzebne, wszystko wyszło z czasem w trakcie naszej rozmowy. Sobiesław zaskoczył mnie swoją otwartością i pozytywnym nastawieniem. Cieszę się, że zdecydowałem się na spotkanie i spędzenie tych kilku godzin razem z nim. Podzielił się ze mna swoja szeroką wiedzą, doświadczeniem i pomógł w podjęciu ważnych decyzji, które stoją przedemną. Więc jeżeli nadal masz jakieś wątpliwości to mogę z pełną odpowiedzialnością zaświadczyć, że kilka godzin spędzonych razem z nim na pewno nie wrzucisz do pudełka z napisem "zmarnowane".
  • Thumb img 6298
    Sobiesław przyjął/przyjęła Szymon on 2014-07-04
    To był wspaniały czas. Ciężko to opisać. Tematy od pasji, przez życie aż po rodzinę i doświadczenia. Oby więcej takich osób w wieku 17 lat! :D
  • Thumb d ng sex bigger
    Hubert przyjął/przyjęła Martyna on 2014-06-17
    I love inspiring people. It works in the social media. She loves the internet and social networking sites. We speak the same language. The language of WEB!
  • Thumb 10011223 10203602824896919 673956292 n
    Ilona wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Michał on 2014-06-17
    I really enjoyed meeting Michał. He is very open-minded, positive and helpful person. Lifetramping community is in good hands:)
  • Thumb avatar
    Kinga wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2014-06-16
    It has been a greet experience attending the fashion fair where I met Paweł. I had an opportunity to have a closer look at movie maker job. Paweł, thank you so much for the chance to take part in you working day. It was very inspiring and fascinating adventure.
  • Thumb avatar
    Kamila wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Ewelina on 2014-06-15
    My meeting with Ewelina was a great and very instructive experience! she gave me a detailed insight into designer's work, including its pros and cons, obstacles you need to tackle and above all, lots of motivation to become a designer myself:) Thank you Lifetramp and, above all, thank you Ewelina especially for your patience with answering my questions:)
  • Thumb 1798239 1395356774064998 1162304543 n
    Anna Magdalena wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Ewelina on 2014-06-12
    Unforgettable Experience! For some time already I was waiting for a fashion designer to become a mentor. When I saw Ewelina’s profile I was more than happy! This very energetic, full of ideas and never standing still woman, impressed me with her achievements. From scratch she created her company and now two years later she is ready to take next steps. Thanks to Ewelina and her team (army) I’ve gained knowledge about fabrics, designing, sewing, pricing and promotion. If Ewelina wants something she will make it happen, so the transformation of “She is a riot” into a global brand is a matter of time, you mark my words!
  • Thumb avatar
    Joanna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2014-06-15
    So great meeting Paweł! I’m really happy that me and my friend had the opportunity to spend a day with him and could see how everything works step by step if you are moviemaker. I was going to meet Paweł on another day, but he was filming the fashion fair a few days before and asked me if we want accompany him there! We got a new great experience, Paweł has a big knowledge and passion with wthat he does, very talented and modest person! Paweł, good luck with all your plans and we really hope see you again!!! :)
  • Thumb 10011223 10203602824896919 673956292 n
    Ilona wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marta on 2014-06-16
    It was a great pleasure to spend time with Marta. She is very positive, amazing and talkative woman with many passions. Marta emanates positive energy. I could talk to her all day.
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta przyjął/przyjęła Ilona on 2014-06-16
    It was an exciting day, Ilona is a great person and we've had a lovely time together (I hope;)
  • Thumb 11495635203 c2672dbd8e o
    Misza przyjął/przyjęła Tj on 2014-04-28
    TJ is a lovely girl, passionate about cooking and life. She was so interested in what I do, that it made me 100% sure that my job is really cool :) She has the most amazing stories about traveling around Europe and I learned from her sooo much (despite the young age, she could easily be mentoring herself). I must honestly admit that I had the most fun day at work ever, after which she bought me the most delicious lunch. Thanks TJ, it was great, hope to see you some day again, good luck and live your life to the fullest!
  • Thumb 1779801 10200528203206842 854542144 n
    Kamil wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2014-04-17
    It was fantastic experience to spend a one day in coffee roastery. Seeing how the whole process look like from the production floor and trying various ways of coffee brewing and serving.. Paweł is a real coffee geek, that could talk about it for hours. The biggest Rolling Stones fan I know.
  • Thumb sin t tulo
    Lucyna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Adam on 2014-05-28
    It was really inspirating, extremaly usefull meeting! Adam is open minded, charismatic, positive person, really great expert in what his doing :) Lifetramping is like to read 5 good books in one day!
  • Thumb piotr
    Piotr przyjął/przyjęła Julia on 2014-05-06
    Very interesting person who have big experience of living in China, Colombia, Italy, Ukraine and Poland. It was a great pleasure to talk with her about my sailing years and listening about her multicultural and multilingual trips and works.
  • Thumb avatar
    Patryk wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mariusz on 2014-05-20
    I was really lucky to see the real drum recording session. Mariusz was helpful to explain the whole process of recording and editing. You can find out that the latter one is a really not that simple and easy task. He also gave me some tips and insight about general drum sounds theory and processing which I will be helpful in my project. I recommend session with Mariusz to anyone who is sound illiterate (like me) and want to get some knowledge. I wish I could stay longer. For not local people and not motorized lifetrampers - take into account ~1.5h to get there using public transport.
  • Thumb p1050613
    Julia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Piotr on 2014-05-06
    Meeting Piotr was an amazing experience! You can tell Piotr loves his job by the way his face lights up every time he talks about it. Piotr answered all my questions in great detail, he shared his experience and expertise and inspired me a lot. What I loved most was his enthusiasm - it was so contagious that I felt like getting a sailor's license too after our meeting! Even the choice of place was perfect - we met in a sailor's tavern so it set the mood from the beginning. It was my first Lifetramp experience and I think I couldn't have chosen a better person to inspire me to learn, grow and think outside the box! Thank you Piotr!
  • Thumb avatar
    Asia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Rafał on 2014-05-20
    He has a huge knowledge about sneakers and underground lifestyle. I have never heard as much about shoes as Rafal told me during our meeting in his shop. I could see how the sneakerheads work looks and be part of it for the while, even to meet some friends of Rafal. He is interesting guy to talk not only about sneakers or tattoos but about life generally. And after all this I don't like my shoes - be different! Thanks Rafal :) ps. the best hejter I know :)) but ok, with some of thoughts i agree!
  • Thumb 10394866 802429983135273 7230656422137523271 n
    Mery wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Gosia on 2014-05-16
    Kasia i Gosia z Focha to dwie zapracowane i otwarte kobiety, które uwielbiają swoją pracę i chętnie dzielą się swoimi doświadczeniami z innymi. Miałam okazję spędzić z nimi pracowity dzień w tętniącej życiem, gwarnej siedzibie redakcji. Dzień opierał się m.in. na pisaniu tekstów, przeglądaniu stron internetowych, sprawdzaniu aktywności czytelników na portalu. Miałam okazję dowiedzieć się trochę ciekawych rzeczy związanych z funkcjonowaniem strony foch.pl, pisaniem tekstów, planowaniem tematów, mogłam też zasmakować klimatu miejsca, w którym to wszystko się odbywa. Dodatkowo miałam okazję poznać ciekawych i bardzo przyjaźnie nastawionych ludzi. To było wzbogacające doświadczenie i bardzo miły dzień spędzony z Kasią i Gosią, szkoda tylko, że tak krótki. Zdecydowanie chciałabym więcej :) Dziewczyny, jak i ich praca są super! :)
  • Thumb 10308080 10154325864105524 6711572023951160177 n
    Tj wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Michał on 2014-05-02
    Michał and I met at a great coffee place and had a long and informative chat about the startup process of LifeTramp. I am happy to have been introduced to the lovely coffee shop and the unique neighborhood it was situated in, and I am equally happy to have the opportunity to speak with Michał. He is very engaging and generous in his kindness. Most importantly, however, he told me about Wedel's śmietankowe chocolates and now I can't stop eating them! Happy to have had a fun day with a true Varsovian!
  • Thumb ava
    Michał przyjął/przyjęła Tj on 2014-05-02
    Incredibly helpful and outgoing person. I had a great day!
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Katarzyna on 2014-04-30
    Kasia was a great host and it was absolutely an amazing day! |It was exactly as she said: lots of running, lots of fun :) I could definitively taste how a real radio life looks like, and I loved it! <3
  • Thumb 10308080 10154325864105524 6711572023951160177 n
    Tj wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Misza on 2014-04-28
    Getting to spend a day in Misza's shoes went far beyond my expectations! We started the day by meeting at an outdoor market. As a non-native of Warsaw, I never would have found this market on my own, so it was great to see a part of Warsaw that is off the tourist route. I learned all about how Misza runs his business and classes, how it has evolved, and also the art of pierogi making (and eating). In general, Misza's openness and generosity in conjunction with the uniqueness of his career made for a very enjoyable day! I would love to do it again and would highly recommend it to other foodies!
  • Thumb ava
    Michał wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Emil on 2014-04-24
    Another great experience in Iron Beard Forge! Whole day of smashing the hammer and funny talk about life. Would recommend to anybody that would like to spend great time!
  • Thumb 400663 842727465753596 238829109 n
    Grzegorz wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Emilia on 2014-04-10
    Młoda, kreatywna i ambitna. Taka właśnie jest Emilia! To najlepszy przkład na to, jak młoda osoba może osiągnąć wiele w życiu i być na drodze do wielkiego sukcesu zawodowego. Mój jeden dzień spędzony z Emilią okazał się bardzo udanym. Mimo iż moja droga obrana w żciu idzie w innym kierunku, są miejsca, że się nakłada z tym, czym zajmuję się Emi. To pomogło mi zweryfikować parę rzeczy i zobaczyć jak to wygląda w praktyce, a nie tylko to co wiedziałem do tej pory w teorii. Emilia pokazała mi swój zawodowy świat, odpowiadała na wszystkie moje pytania i wątpliwości. Zorganizowała mi czas tak, bym nie nudził się choćby przez minutę. O tym czym się zajmuje i jak to wygląda od środka opowiadała bardzo ciekawie. Uzyskałem mnóstwo interesujących informacji, którę sądzę, że przydadzą mi się w przyszłości. Zachęcam każdego do poznania Emilii i jej zawodowego świata. Dziękuję Ci Emi.
  • Thumb 400663 842727465753596 238829109 n
    Grzegorz wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2014-04-09
    Spotkanie z Pawłem było dla mnie nowym, a co za tym idzie fantastycznym doświadczeniem. Nie mając nigdy nic wspólnego ze stolarką, podczas tego jednego dnia dowiedziałem się mnóstwa ciekawych rzeczy. Paweł chętnie odpowiadał na każde moje pytania związanę z tym czym się zajmuje. Nie zamykał się również na najdrobniejsze sugestie jakie padały z mojej strony odnośnie wykonywania jednego z projektów. Podczas tego spotkania mogłem zobaczyć jak to wszystko wygląda od środka, jak również zobaczyć tak kreatywne miejsce jakim jest WYTWÓRNIA. Widzieć na własne oczy ludzi, którzy robią to co kochają, bezcenne. Wszystkim będącym w Krakowie gorąco polecam choćby jedną godzinę z Pawłem.
  • Thumb avatar
    Jessie wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Jen on 2014-04-20
    Jen and I had a lovely time last Sunday afternoon. She had lots of different projects to work on that day, but she allowed me to choose the direction based on what I was most interested in observing. The coffeeshop choice was perfect, and we worked on both radio and photo-related topics from a corner table. She graciously let me listen in on a radio segment she's currently working on, and although I have never edited a sound piece in my life, I hope I was able to give decent input (for a neophyte). Jen is a great person to follow as she is a solid teacher, extremely organized in her work and overall presentation, and very much willing to let you fully observe the creative process along the way.
  • Thumb avatar
    Agata wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marta on 2014-04-22
    Marta is a great person and it was a stunning day. She is passionate, talkative and really zestful. She inspires people to talk a lot about absolutely everything and she tells very interesting stories. She's brave, funny and very creative. Great experience! And (I hope) a new great friend.
  • Thumb avatar
    Alicja wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2014-04-18
    Great to talk to, passionate about his work - haaaave you met Paweł?
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta przyjął/przyjęła Agata on 2014-04-22
    It was absolutely wonderful day spent with Agata, we've talked about millions of subjects in common, she turned out to be a real "soulmate" . Loved it! <3 :)))
  • Thumb 10390882 10202632894639545 3813013318856543181 n
    Maria wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marcin on 2014-04-22
    Next time I would like to get some information. Any information really. I couldn't contact Marcin, so I didn't go to Gliwice. Feeling very dissapointed.
  • Thumb ava
    Michał przyjął/przyjęła Dagna on 2014-04-15
    Spotkanie z Dagną dało mi sporo do myślenia o tym co i jak sam robię. Rządna wiedzy i słuchająca uważnie przemiła osoba :)
  • Thumb jen
    Jen przyjął/przyjęła Jessie on 2014-04-20
    I showed Jessie the behind-the-scenes of radio production including the editing and scoring process. She was very attentive and enthusiastic about learning a new trade and gave thoughtful insights. It felt like a fun collaboration in the end. We had a great time!
  • Thumb v8x397t7dswu9pro1aob 400x400
    Shannon wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Jen on 2014-04-12
    Jen was amazing. She was incredibly organized and had answers to all of my questions already prepared, along with a doc of resources and helpful tips. She also showed me all of her own processes and lent a supportive ear to a decision I was going through that day. I knew it would be a great experience, but it far surprised my expectations.
  • Thumb 532926 10200611979613980 1167461077 n
    Dagna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Michał on 2014-04-15
    I am really glad that I decided to book Lifetramp experience with Michał and that I finally managed t show up :) Michał is a really interesting person with great passion of what he does. I highly recommend meeting Michał to everybody :)
  • Thumb 181480 4067441452777 1752043976 n
    magda wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Adam on 2014-04-15
    Spending day with Adam was very inspiring. This guy has it all to be a successful one with his big idea! Great experience to be able to pick up his brain! I saw how this great lifetramp startup is created. He gave a motivation and hope that everything is possible and that good things connect good people together. He shares all of his secrets and that is amazing!!!
  • Thumb 149174 1331922396761 4777059 n
    Darek wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Monika on 2014-04-11
    Zacznę od tego, że tak mi się spodobało, że aż spędziłem z Moniką dwa dni w pracy :) Bardzo otwarta, sympatyczna i niezmiernie energetyczna osoba, która potrafiła sprawić, że czułem się jak część ekipy. Dwa bardzo pouczające dni spędzone na planie zdjęciowym podczas realizowania materiału do najsłynniejszego chyba męskiego magazynu na świcie, to dla osoby, która interesuje się jakkolwiek fotografią, niezwykła szansa zobaczenia jak się fotografię robi PRO. Bardzo dziękuję za to doświadczenie, które zainspirowało mnie do nowych poszukiwań w dziedzinie fotografii, zarówno dla Moni jak i dla całej ekipy - strasznie fajnie było Was poznać i mam nadzieję "do zobaczenia"!
  • Thumb aj
    Aleksander przyjął/przyjęła jamie on 2014-04-14
    It was short but nice meeting. Jamie is young professional, looking mostly for new contacts, but very attentive and grateful for advises. She's not only about hearing but also about sharing her experience. Good luck Jamie! I guess you might be a great mentor for the others!
  • Thumb jen
    Jen przyjął/przyjęła Shannon on 2014-04-12
    Shannon is the ideal person to share experiences and knowledge with: she's a natural at networking, smart, curious, hard-working, and personable. She's the type of person you want to invest your time in because you know she's going to take your advice seriously and go on to do big and great things. I could talk to her for hours, and I actually did! She had valuable insights and resources to share as well, and asks great questions — one of the best ways of learning.
  • Thumb avatar
    Monika przyjął/przyjęła Darek on 2014-04-11
    ponownie niezawodny :)
  • Thumb avatar
    Ewelina wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mateusz on 2014-04-04
    I really appreciate the opportunity to meet with Mateusz. It was a nice day that had an inspirational effect on me. Mateusz does what he loves and can reconcile that with his career. He is very smart, calm and qualified person, full of curiosity about world. He loves travelling like me and we even share our avocation for Scandinavia as well. The day with him helped me to escape from daily routine and gave me new ideas and inspirations. Mateusz was very patient and answered all my even stupid questions ;). I can absolutely recommed Mateusz as person who you can meet with. Thanks for today. Ewelina
  • Thumb 10515329 10152636640568894 1613453686096740878 o
    Mateusz przyjął/przyjęła Ewelina on 2014-04-04
    I have spent lovely day with Evelina, it was really nice to spent day oit with her. She was very willing to know about webdeisgn / Worpdress & CSS / tips and tricks. Her questions were very precised and we spent nice day talking about different stuff. I highly recommend Ewelina as great person to spend day with Cheers, Mateusz
  • Thumb 181480 4067441452777 1752043976 n
    magda wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aleksandra on 2014-03-31
    Przesympatyczna osoba, która widać, że uwielbia to co robi. Fajnie było szczerze opowiedzić sobie o zaletach i wadach zawodu i prowadzenia własnej firmy. Polecam!
  • Thumb avatar
    Monika przyjął/przyjęła Darek on 2014-04-10
    Bardzo miły i do tego bardzo pomocny. pozdrawiam i polecam :)
  • Thumb new avatar
    Adam przyjął/przyjęła Sebastian on 2014-04-01
    Sebastian is a talented and curious young developer, who for one day joined our team to work with us side by side. We've spend first half a day crawling thru numbers and researching data while second half we're busy discussing various project improvements. I believe Sebastian as a passion driven individual have a bright future in one of the best IT companies out there. Wish him best of luck and hope to se him again.
  • Thumb me2
    Sebastian wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Adam on 2014-04-01
    It was really inspirational to spend whole day with experienced entrepreneur developing his company. Adam is really passionate about sharing his knowledge. He gave me plenty of advices and ideas, it was a pleasure to learn from such a interesting and ease to talk guy as Adam.
  • Thumb jen
    Jen przyjął/przyjęła Angel on 2014-04-05
    Angel is smart, attentive, explorative, and resourceful. He asked great questions that speak to his ability to think critically about marketing and networking. He is a self-starter, proactive and curious by nature with an impressive foresight for marketing details and an enthusiasm for a niche topic: community-building through video games. He knows how to tend to the details, as well as to the bigger picture. He was also very generous to volunteer sharing his resources and knowledge with me about his industry (IT, web, business). Our individual experiences complemented each other really well.
  • Thumb airbnb
    Angel wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Jen on 2014-04-05
    She's awesome. Answered all of my questions and offered great insight. Very friendly as well. She's definitely passionate and knowledgeable about the topics in her bio.
  • Thumb avatar
    Olga wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Marta on 2014-04-04
    It was inspirational really, Marta is nice person with passion and she showed me how she's working. She gave me also plenty of incredibly ideas and informacions, we did a lot of writing exercises which were so great and fantastic :) I loved the time!
  • Thumb total imagebis3
    Marta przyjął/przyjęła Olga on 2014-04-04
    Olga and Agnieszka (a friend who was accompanying her) are both very nice, modest and gifted girls. Apart from their young age they think seriously about their future and have lots of creative ideas. It was a great pleasure to host them:)
  • Thumb ava
    Michał wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Przemek on 2014-03-27
    Lifetramping at the Iron Beard Forge with Przemek and Emil was an exciting adventure and a journey that took me back in time. Both guys do love their job and you can see that in everything they do in the forge, and everything they say about blacksmith and metal. I was getting a lot of information about the metal treatment and how things are done in the forge. Even I was little bit shy, they encourage me to smash the hammer on my own, and let me help them make my own bottle opener. It was more than just a fun!
  • Thumb coffee  lub.faja
    Przemek przyjął/przyjęła Michał on 2014-03-27
    Awesome day, cool stories, sunny sky & hot metal :)
  • Thumb 10171063 536401933146730 8520090986930609538 n
    Paul wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Emilia on 2014-03-26
    Emilia was terrific. She's easy to talk to, loves her work, and is passionate about learning and sharing. We talked theory, practice, and collaborated on solving practical design problems. She made me feel welcome and even made me feel like a contributor. If anyone is interested in the real day to day life of a web designer, I highly recommend spending a day with Emilia.
  • Thumb 46efb93932b4ad7d59a50021be2b9d83 bigger
    Emilia przyjął/przyjęła Paul on 2014-03-26
    The "Lifetramp Day" with Paul was something definitely more than I've expected! We spent couple of hours sharing the designers experience and solving the real usability issues based on current projects. I didn't really know how to manage the day but from beginning we had a smooth conversation that we actually couldn't stopped. I gained a lot from this meeting – as a individual and as a designer. He's a great speaker and really wise person. To be honest – Paul should be a mentor and I strongly encourage him to do so. Confirmed: Lifetramp works for both sides!
  • Thumb avatar
    Przemysław wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mariusz on 2014-03-13
    Mariusz jest świetnym człowiekiem, który w niezwykły sposób prezentuję swoją bardzo ciekawą praca, dzięki czemu można dowiedzieć się bardzo dużo inspirujących informacji. Czas spędzony z Mariuszem jest warty dużej kwoty pieniędzy i w dodatku jest za darmo. Cechą jaką można wyróżnić Mariusz jest to, że posiada potężną wiedzę w zakresie swojej pracy oraz ogromne doświadczenie, te cechy w połączeniu z pasją przyczyniają się do tworzenia użytkowych dzieł sztuki jakimi są niesamowite design-y Mariusza.
  • Thumb  av 2018 07
    Mariusz przyjął/przyjęła Przemysław on 2014-03-13
    Przemek is a nice guy, a dedicated self-started, we chatted a bit about his background in marketing and I learned a lot myself while being the mentor.
  • Thumb 1797372 925012844182830 1402780293 n
    Katarzyna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2014-03-17
    Meeting with Paweł was one of the best experience in my life. He is really kind person and he loves sharing passion with other people. After few hours in Wytwórnia, I didn't want to come back to reality. But another thing I didn't know that being furniture maker it's such a hard work! My mussels still hurt me but in positive way. So if you have the opportunity to spend a day with Paweł you are the luckiest person in the world! :)
  • Thumb 1920161 812360395444410 2075173149 n
    Pawel wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2014-03-13
    Completly unprepared, I've become a military dad, in a mad horror adventure, trying to escape along with familiy from the haunted house. Flying items, undead, and multitude of scary happenings. With funny attitude from the team of people supporting Paweł. Thanks guys.
  • Thumb pawe
    Paweł przyjął/przyjęła Pawel on 2014-03-13
    Paweł became a part of betatesting group, giving some valuable ideas!
  • Thumb u5jdoggz 400x400
    Radek wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Monika on 2014-03-11
    Spędziłem z Moniką siedem zdjęć przy okazji sesji modowej do jednego z polskich magazynów dla panów. Mogłem zobaczyć jak odbywa się praca całego zespołu (fotograf, producent sesji, stylistka i makijażystka, no i oczywiście model). Osobiście mam doświadczenia pracy w studiu za sobą, ale dla osób nieobeznanych będzie to również cenne doświadczenie, przy okazji możliwość zobaczenia jak pracuje się na sprzęcie wysokiej klasy. Najbardziej cenny były dla mnie osobiste rozmowy z Moniką, dzięki którym dowiedziałem się bardzo dużo o fotograficznym światku i o jej drodze do miejsca, w którym się znajduje. Monika to przesympatyczna osoba (podobnie jak cała ekipa na sesji). Miło, że znalazła również czas na obejrzenie moich zdjęć i pokazanie swoich prywatnych dokonań. Podsumowując bardzo się cieszę, że mój pierwszy lifetramp był taki udany. Mam również nadzieję, że będzie kiedyś okazja do ponownej pracy z Moniką.
  • Thumb avatar
    Monika przyjął/przyjęła Radek on 2014-03-11
    Radek jest świetną osobą do współpracy :) polecam i pozdrawiam! Monika
  • Thumb bartek
    Bartłomiej wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2014-03-08
    Spotkanie było dla mnie inspirujacym, ciekawym wydarzeniem i przyznaję, że przerosło moje oczekiwania. Nie dość, że bardzo szybko znaleźliśmy z Pawłem wspólny język, to od raz mogłem zacząć działać razem z nim - tego nie da się przecenić. Podczas całego dnia spędzonego w "Wytwórni" dostałem masę technicznych tipów, ale też mogłem swobodnie pogadać o swoich planach i przemyśleniach odnośnie pracy z drewnem, znajdując zrozumienie i pozytywny odbiór. Zdecydowanie polecam Pawła jako mentora i "Wytwórnie" (http://www.wytworniakrakow.pl/) jako bardzo przyjemne miejsce do spędzania czasu, w którym można poznać ciekawych i otwartych ludzi.
  • Thumb pawe
    Paweł przyjął/przyjęła Tomek on 2014-03-11
    Very nice meeting. Questions about important subjects and interesting conversation!
  • Thumb 394206 10200530155228931 2093649599 n
    Tomek wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2014-03-11
    You want to know more about board games creation and creative teamwork? Meet with Paweł, you'll not regret!
  • Thumb avatar
    Magdalena wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Szymon on 2014-03-07
    Thanks to a day with Szymon I've learned one thing - it's really possible to do what you love, no matter what. Szymon showed me his typical day, which was very inspiring. Even if you don't know anything about comic books, after this experience, you'll be running to the bookstore and buy a bunch of them.
  • Thumb 1118799 584512879 681425317 n
    Kasia wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aleksandra on 2014-03-06
    Było naprawdę rewelacyjnie - na pewno wrócimy do showroomu :)
  • Thumb new avatar
    Adam wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2014-03-05
    Lfetramping with Pawel was an amazing experience. He is a very patient and focused maker with great eye to detail. We were making wooden car interior parts together and how cool is that! It's fells very rewarding when you can design something on paper and then in just a few hours hold the actual product in your hand. Thanks to Pawel supervision and safe tips I've survived the day without loosing any finger. I hope to do it again sometime. P.S. I enjoyed it so much that by the end of day I was considering starting a company which will come up with a new line of deodorants that would smell like a fresh cut wood :).
  • Thumb 181480 4067441452777 1752043976 n
    magda wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mariusz on 2014-03-05
    Mariusz is a great person and a true professional! I really enjoyed this day and it was a really dream come true to see how the music is recorded in studio. Thanks Mariusz !!!!
  • Thumb ava
    Michał wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mariusz on 2014-02-27
    Mariusz jest świetny w tym co robi, aby nie powiedzieć, że "doskonały". Z dnia z nim, można wynieść więcej niż z dziesięciu miesięcznych kursów.
  • Thumb 1385201 10201588414905788 46649755 n
    Maciek wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mariusz on 2014-02-22
    Mariusz was a wonderful host and a great teacher. He has a gift for explaining the process of creating a professional recording and speaks with so much passion about his work that it is a bit contagious ;) Thanks to him I had a chance of experiencing a real life recording session and see how a song is created from plugging in the guitar up until the almost finished song that you will hear on a CD. Overall a superb experience and a great pleasure to meet someone like Mariusz!
  • Thumb 3805 588052084554121 363176778 n
    Anna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Karolina on 2014-02-21
    Karolina jest wspaniałą, otwartą i przyjazną osobą o niezwykle fascynującej pasji! Z niecierpliwością czekam na dalsze informacje na temat grafologii! :) - - - Karolina is a great, open and friendly person with an amazingly fascinating passion! Can't wait to learn more on graphology! :)
  • Thumb kwadrat
    Krzysztof przyjął/przyjęła Aleksandra on 2014-02-20
    Alksandra was very interested in ceramic techniques. She tried herself do some cermic jobs with success. What is more, we could talk about common business issues.
  • Thumb ola
    Aleksandra wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Krzysztof on 2014-02-20
    Super miejsce dla tych, których fascynuje rzemiosło i brudna robota ;) Piękna pracownia pełna pięknych rzeczy. Trochę teorii, dużo ciężkiej gliny i ciężkich odlewów a na koniec możliwość totalnej ekspresji artystycznej i stworzenia unikatowej rzeczy w pracowni Ciepło Właściwe. Wszystko to pod bacznym okiem Krzysztofa, prawdziwego artysty. Wie co robi, dlaczego to robi i wie ze będzie to robił. Bardzo fajna postać. Polecam.
  • Thumb 3805 588052084554121 363176778 n
    Anna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Paweł on 2014-02-19
    It was a great pleasure to spend time and learn from such a positive, interesting and professional man as a mentor :) Thanks, Paweł. Now I have to decide, which coffee (or coffees ;) ) to get for myself :)
  • Thumb ola
    Aleksandra przyjął/przyjęła Magdalena on 2014-02-13
    Fajnie spotkać kogoś kto chce projektować buty i ma przygotowany zestaw pytań związanych z branżą :) Super było wymienić się spostrzeżeniami na temat branży odzieżowo/modowo/obuwniczej z Magdą. Wiem, że na pewno się jeszcze spotkamy na polu biznesowym :)
  • Thumb 1465279 10203604211058647 8609234331804629337 n
    Magdalena wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aleksandra on 2014-02-13
    Ola jest przemiłą i bardzo inteligentną osobą. Kocha to, co robi dlatego cudownie spędziłam z nią czas, bo prócz "suchych faktów" dowiedziałam się dużo więcej... Jak "to" wygląda "od kuchni" oraz " z czym to się je" było dla mnie niesamowicie ciekawe, a duża wiedza Aleksandry pozwoliła mi na zadawanie wielu pytań, z których żadne nie pozostało bez odpowiedzi. W stu procentach polecam "spędzenie dnia z Olą" i mam nadzieję, że będziemy miały jeszcze nie raz okazję się spotkać!
  • Thumb  av 2018 07
    Mariusz przyjął/przyjęła Łukasz on 2013-11-21
    Łukasz was very proactive about the meeting, open to learn, help and build something really cool. Highly recommended.
  • Thumb jarek
    przyjął/przyjęła Michał on 2014-02-06
    Really nice guy, helpful and with a lots of ideas!
  • Thumb ava
    Michał wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z on 2014-02-06
    It was amazing to see, how a professional, which Jarek surely is, is filming. Whole day packed with new experiences and a lot of positive emotions and stupid jokes. Surely a great new experience for me.
  • Thumb avatar
    Farida wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Aleksandra on 2014-02-03
    Strasznie jestem zadowolona z tego doświadczenia! Interesuję się modą i szyciem, a też zgłębienie wiedzy na temat butów, świetnie dopełniło informacje, które już posiadam. Ola jest super dziewczyną, widać, że robi to, co kocha i czym się pasjonuje. Opowiadała bardzo ciekawie, pokazała mi swoją kolekcję, podzieliła się wiedzą z historii butów. Była to także świetna okazja do przymierzenia miliona par szpilek Jeffrey'ego Campbella! Co zresztą zostało udokumentowane przeze mnie :) Trzymam kciuki za Olę i każdemu polecam wybranie się do niej. Projektantka butów brzmi niesamowicie i zresztą dokładnie taka jest Ola. :)
  • Thumb thumb basia
    Basia przyjął/przyjęła Aga on 2013-11-05
    Spending day with Agnieszka was a lovely experience. It allowed me to look at my work from different perspective.
  • Thumb 542195 10201021146723498 548899340 n
    Piotr wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mariusz on 2014-02-01
    I was amazed how patient and determined Mariusz was to explain every single detail of his job - what kinds of soundproofing foam there are (and what kind of effect they cause), how to arrange microphones around the speakers etc. But the most important thing was that I finally got to know how do you record a track, how does the cooperation with the musician looks like and how intricate sound engineering actually is (I had my predictions, but they weren't even close). I'd definitely go for another day with Mariusz, but this time to see how the complete track is being mastered & mixed - so the more creative part!
  • Thumb avatar
    Aga wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Basia on 2013-11-05
    What I liked: - I've learned something new: tried coding for the first time in my life (sic!). - I discovered you didn't have to be a genius to code :) You just need to want to learn. - I could work on my own knowing you're next to me and would help me if needed. - There was nobody standing over my shoulder and telling me each and every step. - I also liked the silence in the office, the view from your window, your high ceiling rooms, the comfortable chair and a good black coffee :) What I didn't like: - My day at Lifetramp went by too fast. I don't think I can talk about new skills I brought from this experience - it's more about new observation/thinking or discovering a new perspective, which was cool in fact :)
  • Thumb hai
    Michał wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Yvonne on 2014-01-24
    Yvonne works in very stylish tattoo studio in the center of Warsaw. It's a great place for people who want to be a tattooist, but also for someone who is considering making the first tattoo for himself. You could spend time in a familiar atmosphere and watch a group of tattooists making their job – consulting, drawing and tattooing. I really recommend visiting Yvonne if you want to know more about tattoo art and her job.
  • Thumb ava
    Michał przyjął/przyjęła Anna on 2014-01-24
    Anna was the most funny woman I've ever meet and a really beauty. I would date her if only I would be free :(
  • Thumb 3805 588052084554121 363176778 n
    Anna wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Michał on 2014-01-24
    Michael is hot and very funny! I'd date him! :D
  • Thumb 10313529 691157877610365 6727591431080013345 n
    Łukasz wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Mariusz on 2013-11-21
    I am very satisfied with the day spent in Krakow. If you want to learn something new, related to the design - visit Mariusz. It was great experience.
  • Thumb avatar
    Anka wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Basia on 2013-11-19
    As a highly introvert person, but truly motivated to work, I found out, thanks to Basia, that there is a chance for me to have a good job, but stay cool and well in my own, deep need of independence. Much of what is in this world is pretty much noise, I require some stimulus in the areas which are my real passions. Thanks to Lifetramp I just find out how I can make my life easier without forcing myself to make fake changes. Have to learn a lot, but I think I'm on a good path. Thank You!
  • Thumb thumb basia
    Basia przyjął/przyjęła Dorota on 2013-10-24
    Really enjoyed my first lifetramping experience. Showing Krakow, my work and my code to Dorota was so much fun!
  • Thumb 10307207 10152200050159053 700471936068735175 n
    Ula wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Adam on 2013-11-07
    Real-life and sincere - that was exactly what the day with Adam was like. Spending a day with the startup team was a really genuine experience and this was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the interesting conversation and time-management tips :)
  • Thumb 10444545 10204350241219409 7729687101526529091 n
    Dorota wyruszył(a) na lifetramping z Basia on 2013-10-24
    My one day with a developer has been a wonderful experience during which I learnt the basic principles and got a glimpse of how Basia’s life looks like. Apart from drinking too much coffee and getting stuck to Mac I met lovely people  and really enjoyed this “geeky” day.  And even though I may not become a programmer I want to further develop myself in  this direction.