What does it mean to be a mentor?
It means sharing your passion and experience with others. Hosting people and posting insights into your lifestyle. Helping them find themselves and their own path, learn new things and make the world a little bit warmer and more friendly place.

What is the aim of being a mentor?
Together with you, we want to make the world a better place. As a mentor, you have a great opportunity to promote your work, your projects, and yourself. You are also becoming a part of a community of great people. We know many examples of great co-operations that started during lifetramping.

How does Lifetramp support its mentors?
We try to get the mentors involved in our webiste. They are the first to know about everything we change there and get the early access to the new features. We interview them and publish articles about their lifetyles on our blog Stories. Every now and then we organise meetings. Our community team is always eager to help and open to all suggestions. And of course, we are lifetrampers too.

Want to become a mentor and share your experience? Awesome! Here’s a bunch of tips to get you started:

1. Create a profile

After you’ve signed in you will find a ‘become a mentor button’ in your profile settings. Clicking on it will take you to the mentor form. Your status will change from ‘user’ to ‘mentor’ after you’ve filled in 90% of the form. It comprises 3 interview questions, description, your data, and picture.

2. Join our community

We attach the greatest importance to our community of mentors so it would be great if you joined our group on Facebook (Lifetramp Family). If you have any questions or just want to say hi, don’t hesitate to contact

3. Go lifetramping

As a mentor you don’t lose your ability to book and visit other mentors so feel free to do that as well — this will help you become a better mentor too!

4. Make yourself available

Manage your calendar and decide when you can host mentees. It doesn't matter if it’s one day a week or one day per year. We’re happy that you are willing to share your passion and experience!

5. Host others

Show other lifetrampers what your workday looks like. You don’t have to spare extra time for it. You decide about the form and duration of lifetramping. Maybe you’ll have a great conversation over lunch? Or maybe you want to invite them to visit you in your workplace for a day? Be natural, just let them see what your work really looks like, including the darker sides of it too!

Ready to start? Become a mentor

Need more advice?

  1. Be precise about your job, so nobody will misunderstand you.
  2. Be responsive. Don’t let the booking hang, or a message to be without response too long. That’s someones dreams waiting to be realized.
  3. Be current. Try to keep your calendar timely.
  4. Be committed. If you’re hosting someone, try to commit your attention to them.
  5. Be nice. No one will want to visit you if there will be news that you’re a prick.
  6. Be supportive. As much as you can. That’s someone dreams are coming true!
  7. Review. Remember to write a review for user that were visiting you. It will help both them and the other mentors.