Our ambassadors team is here to help you. If you want to become a mentor or have a question about the Lifetramp community in your area, these are the people you should contact. They will answer your questions, dispel the doubts, and make an interview with you for your mentor profile.

Zuzana Zimmermannova

Bratislava, Slovakia

Mariana Pedroza

Guadalajara, Mexico

Anna Maj-Scheibinger

Portland, United States

Dagmara Gdala

Katowice, Poland

Joao Costa

Porto, Portugal


Pune, India

Anna Woźniak

Poznań, Poland

Maryl González

Guadalajara, Mexico

Laura Blackaller

Guadalajara, Mexico

Anna Cichy

Kraków, Poland

Jacqueline Lafloufa

São José dos Campos, Brazil

Aleksandra Dalemba

Poznań, Poland

Elo Zobel

Tallinn, Estonia

Izabela Filipiak

Warszawa, Poland

Jarosław Maciaszek

Łódź, Poland

Tony Sebastian

New Delhi, India

Tshego Tshukutswane

Johannesburg, South Africa

Christian Eilers

New York City, United States

Icnelly Vieyra

Mexico City, Mexico

Ilona Patro

Warsaw, Poland

Katarzyna Anielak

Øverby, Norway

Catarina Niza

Cartaxo, Portugal

Kacper Skoczylas

Szczecin, Poland

Giovane Liberato

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Sobiesław Młynarczyk

Kraków, Poland

Zuzana K

Bratislava, Slovakia

Rosaura Ruiz Gallego

Valencia, Spain

If you don't see an ambassador in your area or would like to become one, well, just scroll little bit lower.

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