Lifetramp is an AirBnB like platform for lifestyles and careers. If you ever dreamed of doing something different in life, now you can give it a fair try. Lifetramping community is built by open minded people who give you a possibility “to walk a mile in their shoes”. This give you a chance for an exciting journey of self discovery to finally find what you truly love doing.

Lifetramping by Urban Dictionary is a “way of living in constantly changing reality by focusing on people and new experiences.”

Founding story

The idea originated while a trip to Tokyo when we thought it would be ideal if we could spend a day like local people do to see how it feels like to live and work in Japan. After returning home, the idea grow up in little cabin in the Polish mountains to finally turn into what it is today.

We went live with limited beta at 24 February 2014 and the journey continues…

Press pack

Includes logo, founders' photos and a couple of screenshots of the platform.

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