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1. Update your profile

As Lifetramp community member you need to be reliable. Complete your profile before you start lifetramping.

2. Discover

Browse our mentors base full of interesting and inspiring professions both near your location and in the furthest corner of the world.

3. Start your journey

Follow and book available mentors. Make your dreams come true.

4. Go lifetramping!

Meet real people with real skills in real world. Don’t hesitate! It’s the first step to make your dreams about doing what you love come true!

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Need more advice?

  1. Be precise. If you have any things you would like to talk about or see, let the mentor know about them before the meeting.
  2. Be responsive. Don’t let the mentors wait too long for you to answer. It might look like you don’t care.
  3. Be on time. Try to not be late for a meeting and be open about what you expect.
  4. Be committed. If you are visiting someone, pay attention to what they say.
  5. Be nice. No one will want to host you if there will be news that you’re a prick.
  6. Buy a lunch. Remember about it. It is a simple gesture that will be appreciated.
  7. Write a review. Remember to write a review for the mentor after you've visited. It will help other visitors to decide if they want to visit this person.